How to split purchases through Nubank?

Although the credit card is an excellent financial tool, Brazilians see it as a true villain. The reason is not unknown: the possibility of diluting the value of products makes people spend more than they have. With this, many resort to the total or partial installment payment of the invoice and are subject to the crushing interest of the revolving credit.

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Nubank (Android l iOS l Web) then released a new solution to this problem. Now, customers can split specific purchases from the invoice. The new function, although offering significantly lower interest rates, should still be seen as an emergency exit.

Revolving credit or individual installment?

For comparison purposes, according to the Central Bank report for the period 41/00/2021 The 08/09/99, the interest rates charged by Nubank on revolving credit were 20,41% per month.

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Meanwhile, the interest on the individual installment purchases of the invoice is only 4,99%. But make no mistake: this is still a very high amount, even if it affects a single purchase.

The new installment payment is therefore recommended in case of unforeseen financial circumstances. Now that you know the function and, above all, the necessary precautions, see below how to pay for purchases through Nubank.

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How to split purchases through Nubank?

Step 1: access the application and, on the home page, select your credit card bill.

Access your current invoice to get started. (Image: Kris Gaiato/Screenshot)

Step 2: then select the “Package purchases” function.

Click on the new feature. (Image: Igor Almenara/Screenshot)

Step 3: then the purchases that you can split will be displayed. Select one of them to proceed. According to Nubank, only values ​​above R$ 09 , are eligible.

Select the invoice you want to pay in installments. (Image: Igor Almenara/Screenshot)

Step 4: Once that is done, adjust the number of installments and click on “See summary “. But, if you want to see all the possibilities of installments and their respective values, tap the command “Compare installments”.

Determine the amount of installments. (Image: Igor Almenara/Screenshot)

Step 5: Once that’s done, choose the number of installments you prefer. Remember, before proceeding, that interest is charged monthly. Therefore, the greater the dilution of the purchase, the higher the fees due.

Compare values ​​before moving forward. (Image: Igor Almenara/Screenshot)

Step 6: Now, review your request details and click the “Continue” button “. On the next screen, read the confirmation information and proceed. Finally, provide your password.

End the process after reviewing the information . (Image: Igor Almenara/Screenshot)

Ready! Now you know another Nubank alternative to unburden your finances.

Source: Nubank (1) (2); Brazilian central bank

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