How to claim refunds for XBox games

With several games available, XBox is an excellent system for you to enjoy titles and other content; but what to do when we need to ask for a refund? Whether it’s an accidental purchase, or maybe an unexpected title, today Canaltech will show you how to request a refund through the official website.

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    It is important to emphasize that the request is not synonymous of success in the operation. Therefore, be sure at the time of purchase and consult very carefully before making any transaction. Come with us, because now is the time to show you how to do the process on the green side of the force.

    Step 1:

      access the official website and log in to your account by clicking “Sign in” in the upper right corner.

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      Click “Enter” on the screen initial to start the process (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screencapture)

      Step 2:

        after entering your account click on “Support” on the top tab, then on “Support Home”.

        Select the option within “Support” to continue the process (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screencapture)

      Step 3: scroll down a little and click on “Subscriptions and billing”.

      Enter “Subscriptions and Billing” to access the refund area (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

      Step 4: Open the “Payment and Security Updates” option and click on “How to Request a Refund for XBox Digital Product”.

      Within the update option it is possible to proceed with the order (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Captura of screen)

      Step 5:

        again scroll down and click on “Request Refund”. On this page you can also check if you are able to order one, so read the information.

        By clicking on request refund, the user is taken to the final step (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screencapture)

        Step 6: a new screen will open where you can see which items are in the criteria, select which one you want to request a refund and click again on “Request a refund”.

        If any game is able to process, will appear in this area and the refund button will be available (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

        After that it is necessary to wait for the order processing, remembering that it may or may not be accepted.

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