Loki series character will migrate to comics in new Marvel saga

Miss Minutes, a character introduced in the Disney+ series Loki, will debut in the Marvel comics.

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  • Many of the elements explored in the Loki series were first seen in the Marvel comics, as well as other concepts already used in the MCU. However, Miss Minutes is a totally original character in the comic book publisher’s film productions.

    Her comic book debut, for now, is only confirmed in a variant cover of Timeless #1 (

    Sem Tempo, in free translation), magazine that will be released in 19 from December. However, until there is an official confirmation from Marvel, there is the possibility of Miss Minutes stamping the cover of the magazine only as a strategy for the publisher to take advantage of her popularity, without the appearance of the character in the narrative itself.

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    Image: Reproduction/Disney+

    Marvel’s comics, with the success of the brand’s films, have been synchronizing concepts and characters introduced in cinema for some time now. Now, in September, the term “variant”, used to identify versions of heroes and villains from other universes, was adopted by the official chronology of the publisher’s comics, as of the recent edition 22 of Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four).

    Should Miss Minutes really be introduced to the comics, she won’t be the first movie character to make this transition. In November 2011, agent Phil Coulson, a character introduced in the first Iron Man movie, made his debut in the comics in Battle Scars #1, published in Brazil in January 2011 in the magazine Onward, Avengers! #22


      Without Time

      Timeless is a Marvel event focused on Kang the Conqueror, the publisher’s villain who manages to manipulate time. All to do with Miss Minutes, no?

      Cover of Timeless #1, with artwork by Don Heck (Image: Disclosure/ Marvel Comics)

      The proposal of the story is that a new timeline will endanger Earth 616, the main universe from the Marvel comics. It will be up to Kang to protect and carry out this crisis. The series will also give some details about what’s to come in 2013 for some of the publisher’s top heroes, such as the X-Men, the Avengers, the Daredevil and the Venom.

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        Timeless #1 is scripted by Jed MacKay and art by Kev Walker, Mark Bagley and Greg Land, and will be released on the day 19 December in the USA. Brazilian artist Joe Bennett was also announced as the series’ designer, but after the controversy surrounding his offensive drawings, Marvel severed ties with him.

        Source: Gamesradar

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