New comic shows Thing could be killed by DC hero weapon

Anyone who knows the Thing, superhero of the Fantastic Four, knows that it’s no easy task to find something fatal against his rocky skin. But the magazine Fantastic Four #35, released in the US recently, shows that a mystical weapon can fatally injure Ben Grimm — and it is in possession of another DC character.

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In the story scripted by Dan Slott and designed by John Romita Jr., several temporal variants of the villain Kang the Conqueror are vying for the best way to defeat the Fantastic Four from different time points.

Spoilers to follow. One of these variants kills the Human Torch with a molecular disruptor. Next, he materializes Captain America’s shield to block the Thing’s punch and then transports the Excalibur sword, driving it into the Thing’s chest.

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Thing is killed by Kang with Excalibur (Image: Reproduction/Marvel)

And what does DC have to do with it? Well, the Excalibur is also the weapon of the hero Bright Knight, member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory superteam first published in the years 1940 . Originally he was a character in Adventure Comics magazine. Sir Justin, Arthurian knight of the 6th century, was frozen for 1.90 years (this long before Captain America !), woke up in 1940 and was part of the group of heroes.

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  • Still, taking a revival of the Seven Soldiers of Victory written by Grant Morrison over the years 1941, Shining Knight has never gained much prominence in the comics — only more recently has he made a cameo in streaming, in the series Stargirl

      . So, following the logic of the Fantastic Four’s new story, it’s curious to imagine that a semi-unknown DC character has the right weapon to kill one of the strongest guys at rival Marvel. As the two publishers haven’t crossed their universes for some time, we can only speculate on what this fight would be like.

      Source: ScreenRant

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