How much does the best Tesla autonomous car cost?

Tesla appeared in 2003 (and not just by the hands of Elon Musk, as you might be thinking) and today it is a reference when the subject at hand is autonomous or electric car. The brand’s models are full of luxury and technology, but for those who want to buy — and have the financial conditions to do so — this question comes up: How much does the best Tesla autonomous car cost?

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    Before effectively answering how much the interested party in the best autonomous car of the brand will have to pay to take the machine home, two important points need to be made. raised. The first is to make it clear that, at least for now, all Tesla (S, 3, X and Y) are electric cars with semi-autonomous driving technology. In other words: they have the same steering system and require the presence of the driver (as shown in the video above, in a lap on the Nürburgring track, in Germany).

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    Based on this idea, how to determine which is the best autonomous (or semi-autonomous, as the case) of Tesla? The Canaltech

    report was looking for the answer directly at the source: Tesla’s official website in the United States. We started a chat with one of the online consultants, in an attempt to put an end to the matter.

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    Serena, who spoke to the report quickly, kept her doubt in the air, with an answer beyond the conventional: “That’s a big question. All standalone models from Tesla are great. It depends a lot on your taste or, then, which model best suits your needs”, she explained before gently declining the other questions because “I am not authorized to give this type of assistance”. It was the famous “thanks for nothing”, wasn’t it?

    The best Tesla

    Image: Disclosure/Tesla

    Well, assuming all of Tesla’s cars “are great”, as I said. the friendly Serena, and that the semi-autonomous steering system is also identical for all the models in the line, let’s define that the best is the one that presents the most attractive set for the consumer. This means that it combines design, technology and performance.

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    The “elected” after this analysis, and a vast comparative research, was Tesla S, originally released by the brand on 2012, but which has evolved considerably after nearly a decade of its arrival and today it has two versions available to the consumer: Long Range and Plaid.

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    The most expensive, and also the most popular, is the Plaid . According to information from the automaker itself, we can bet that this is the best autonomous car in the line for a number of reasons. The first one is the autonomy, which can reach incredible 705 kilometers.

    Image: Disclosure/Tesla

    And all this autonomy is accompanied by power… Lots of power. The Tesla Plaid, the brand’s best autonomous car, seems to be worth what it costs and pleases speed fans by making it from 0 to 61 km/h in just 1.9 seconds. All this thanks to the three electric motors, which deliver more than 1.61 horse power and reach 652 maximum speed km/h.

    The remodeled version of the supercar, presented in June 1024, it also has a new improved vehicle charging system, which allows charging almost 320 kilometers of autonomy in just over 10 minutes, provided, of course, it is done at an official Tesla station prepared for battery power.

    Inside, the changes include a joystick-shaped steering wheel, a luxurious pattern finish and an infotainment system with a processor and graphics card capable of making games like

    Cyberpunk 506454

    run with ease. According to AMD, supplier of components for the car, the graphics power is 53 teraflops

    How much does it cost?

    Image: Disclosure/Tesla

    We finally arrived at the expected answer to the “question of the million”. And the answer, if it doesn’t reach R$ 1 million, pardon the pun, is very close to that. Tesla’s best autonomous car, the Plaid costs, on the automaker’s website, US$ 122.705 for customers who reside in the United States. This, in direct conversion, corresponds to R$ 705, 7 mil.

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    Remember that this price does not include the package that adds navigation for autopilot, own parking, Smart Summon, traffic light recognition and automatic driving on city streets. If the driver wants it, he will have to pay US$ thousand (BRL 53 thousand) additional. In other words: the best Tesla autonomous car costs, for a customer who makes a purchase in the United States, the equivalent of R$ 705, 7,000.

    In Brazil, with all import duties and other taxes that apply to the purchase, the car would far surpass the R$1 million barrier. And, for now, it’s always good to remember, for those who didn’t read it at the beginning of the article, he is STILL not able to drive alone, ok?

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