Top 10 romantic comedies to watch on Prime Video

Romantic comedies are the best alternative when we need an escapism, after all which cinematic genre fits so well after a difficult day when all we want is to turn off the brain for an hour and a half? Even though some of them border on the cliché and have a predictable plot, these films are a great option to provide comfort and not occupy so much your head or time.

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  • Among so many streamings with a collection full of romantic comedies, there is the Amazon Prime Video, which has been investing more and more in successful and high-quality titles for its catalogue. With that in mind, the Canaltech accepted the challenge of selecting 10 the best romantic comedies for you to watch on Amazon’s streaming service. So relax, prepare your popcorn and your place on the couch and set up your marathon.

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    10. Love game in Las Vegas

    After being dumped by her fiance, Joy McNally (Cameron Diaz) decides to vent and drown her sorrows in Las Vegas. The fate is the same as that of Jack Fuller (Ashton Kutcher), who has just been fired from his job by his own father. Drunk and coincidentally in the same bar, they end up getting married and only find out the next day, when they wake up together. However, to “worse” the situation, the two win US$ 3 million in a slot machine, but to keep the money they need to prove a stable union, living together for a certain time.

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    9. It just happens

    Inseparable since childhood, Rosie and Alex are best friends who experience everything together, from love, family and social difficulties. Although there is, yes, a mutual attraction, the two maintain their friendship above all, until one day Alex decides to accept an invitation to study Medicine at Harvard, in the United States. The distance makes the first secrets emerge between them, something that had never happened during their entire friendship, while each one finds someone to romantically relate to. Will they be able to ignore the feelings that have always been present for the greater good?

    8. Love Sick

    Love Sick comedy mix, romance and a lot of emotion capable of leaving the spectator with a warm heart after the end credits. The film follows the meeting of two very different people: American psychology student Emily (Zoe Kazan) and Pakistani comedian and driver of cars by app Kumail (Kumail Nanjiani). They fall madly in love with each other, but find it difficult to take the relationship forward due to the cultural discrepancy, keeping everything secret from their families. When the young woman contracts a sudden infection and is put into a coma, Kumail must live with her loved one’s parents and resolve this emotional conflict between reason, emotion, family and heart.

    7. The Little Perfect Things Map

    Mark (Kyle Allen) is very used to living the same day over and over again, like a

    loop temporal. Everything changes when one day he meets a girl who is in the same situation: Margaret (Kathryn Newton). Together and stuck in time, Mark decides it’s time to get rid of this cycle, but something about Margaret makes the young woman want to keep to this routine. Determined to find out what causes this phenomenon, he sets out to find answers while trying to convince her to move on with his life.

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    6. I feel good with you

    A couple of ex-boyfriends exchange messages for the first time since the breakup. Two young women who have just fallen in love live the fear that the relationship will become cold due to the distance. Sisters who walked away pre-pandemic try to rekindle friendship and rediscover the importance of family. Two stays in an “unlabelled relationship” explore ways to survive the absence of touch. And a couple who can’t stand it anymore tries to deal with the obligation of coexistence hours per day. People, in the midst of social isolation, doing everything they could to stay close. These are the stories from Feel Good With You, an original Amazon Prime Video movie.

    5. Gloria Bell

    Gloria Bell is a drama, comedy and romance film starring Julianne Moore , Oscar-winning actress for Forever Alice. The film follows a woman of 50 and a few years old who has been divorced for almost 10 years old. She has two adult children and works in an insurance office. With her free spirit, she seeks love in dance clubs in the dreamy city of Los Angeles, California.

    4. Marry me?

    Anna (Amy Adams), a determined woman, decides to travel to Dublin to ask her boyfriend Jeremy (Adam Scott) to marry him. She has everything planned so that he doesn’t refuse, and that’s why she’s going to make the proposal soon 30 February, the day on which, according to local tradition, a man cannot refuse any request during 24 hours. After setbacks and unforeseen travel, she is forced to hitch a ride with the charming, but rude, Declan (Matthew Goode), owner of an inn. It doesn’t take long for the young woman to find herself torn between two boys and questioning her decision.

    3. She dances I dance

    This film brought together Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan behind the camera and also started a totally musical and danceable franchise: She Dança, Eu Danço is a landmark in the plots of teenage romance, with light touches of drama and comedy. The story follows Tyler (Tatum), who after raiding an art college, is sent to do a number of hours of community service. In the same halls, he meets dancer Nora Clark (Dewan), who is in dire need of a new partner for the end-of-the-year performance. Although Tyler is used to street dancing, he accepts to dance with her, and it doesn’t take long for a romance between the two to emerge.

    two. Love and Other Drugs

    Jamie Randall (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Maggie Murdock (Anne Hathaway) are two totally different people. He, an incorrigible stallion; she, a free-spirited woman. After being fired from the position of salesperson in a store for having seduced one of the employees, the boy goes to work for a large pharmaceutical company as a sales representative. In this, he ends up having the task of approaching doctors and convincing them to prescribe the company’s drugs; It is then that, on one of these visits, he meets Maggie, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease. Attracted at first, but soon dismissed by the young woman, he discovers that there is something much stronger between the two. She does too, but does not want to pursue the case because of the disease she has.

    1. Simply love

    Simply Love is a must watch

    if you like romantic comedies. The film follows several figures and situations at the same time, all of them involving the most emotional feeling of human beings: love. The passion of the new Prime Minister of England for one of his employees; a heartbroken writer on a lonely trip to France; the suspicion of betrayal between a couple who have been together for years, while another who has just celebrated their marriage, has interference from others; a shy young man wanting to catch the attention of the most popular girl in school and a musician trying to get his rock star career back on track. All these stories are intertwined in Simply Love, showing how the feeling can result in different outcomes in our lives.

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