New Venom Poster: Time of Carnage Reveals She-Venom Return

A new poster of Venom: Time of Carnage seems to have revealed the return of a hitherto unexpected character in this sequel. Apparently, She-Venom will return in the new feature, showing that the symbiote will visit new hosts besides Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) and Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson).

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  • The new posters are focused precisely on what appear to be the four central characters in the plot of Venom 2, featuring the featured actors and a small silhouette of their heroic or villainous counterpart in the background. And in material related to actress Michelle Williams, we see the design of none other than She-Venom.

    It seems that She-Venom will be back in a Time of Carnage (Image: Disclosure/Sony Pictures)

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    The curious thing is that the character appeared for the first time in the movie of 2018 during a relatively quick sequence, when the symbiote and Brock separate and the black jelly ends up in the body of Anne Weying, the protagonist’s girlfriend. It is at this moment that we have the bizarre kissing scene, in which the symbiote returns to Tom Hardy from this very intimate touch.

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For this reason, no one expected to see She-Venom returning in Time of Carnage, since his appearance in the first film served much more as a script tool than a definitive introduction of the character, who should have a bigger role in this sequel.

And taking into account that the other posters feature Venom himself and the villains Carnage and Shriek, it is very likely that She-Venom will appear to help the protagonist in the final fight or something like that, closing the pairs in the symbiote fight.

The curious thing about it all is that the revelation just shows how we know absolutely nothing about Venom: Time of Carnage beyond from the little that was shown in the trailers, especially the relationship between Eddie Brock and Cletus Kasady and how this will cause the

serial killer become an even more lethal villain. From that point on, everything is a huge mystery — including the much-talked about post-credit scene that would have left audiences who have seen the film very excited.

Anyway, it won’t you have to wait a long time to check the plot, since Venom: Time of Carnage arrives in Brazilian cinemas on October 7th.

Source: Collider

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