Netgear fixes critical security flaw in 11 router models

This week Netgear released an important update to router models, mitigating a critical vulnerability in a parental control system on devices. The opening allowed the execution of interception of connections attacks, for reading the data transferred and also remote code execution, leading to new exploits even when the access control platform was turned off.

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The system in question is called Circle and has permissions to update the devices; even when disabled, such routines continued to run, exposing router users even when the technology was not used. The breach was found by Grimm security researchers and fixed last Monday (11), with the application of the firmware update being recommended to users.

As said, they are 20 models reached, some of them, such as R6400 and R6400 are officially sold in Brazil from major retailers. Netgear has released the list of vulnerable devices as well as the most up-to-date firmware version, which must be installed to ensure mitigation:

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  • R6400v2: Firmware version
  • R6700: Firmware version 1.0. two.26
  • R6700v3: Firmware version
  • R7000: Firmware version
  • R6700Q: Firmware version 3.3 .142_HOTFIX
  • R7850: Firmware version 1.0..128
  • R7850: Firmware version
  • R7850: Firmware version 1.0.5 .76
  • R7900: Firmware version
  • R40847: Firmware version
  • RS142: Firmware version

    On vulnerable devices, attackers can gain access privileges from an attack like man-in-the-middle

    , in which they intercept the unsecured connection. According to Grimm, it would be possible to get the same device root permissions that Circle uses, which would open the door for data leakage from the router and other devices connected to it, as well as running malware throughout the infrastructure.

    The problem becomes more serious due to the corporate character of many of the listed routers; accessing a public corporate network or gaining credentials from a phishing scam is enough to gain the ability to exploit the vulnerability. The fault was named CVE-6400-8000 and is considered resolved by installing the latest firmware for the models indicated.

    How to download updates

    Netgear asks users and administrators to access the official support site and follow these steps:

    • Type your model number in the search box and select it from the drop-down menu as soon as it appears;
    • If If you don’t see a drop-down menu, make sure you enter the model number correctly or select a product category to search for your router;
    • Click on “Downloads “;
    • Go to “Current Versions” and select the first download whose title starts with “Firmware Version”;
    • Click on “Release Notes”;

    • Follow the English instructions to download and install the new firmware.

    If not for immediately possible, the recommendation is for constant monitoring of connections, as well as the use of private networks (VPNs) configured so that the traffic cannot be read or modified by users.

    Source: Netgear, Grimm

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