Mobile games with female protagonists

Even with several women working in the industry, we grew up seeing an exaggerated amount of male representations in electronic games while female ones usually represented the damsel in distress, or were hypersexualized, which didn’t talk directly and intimately with who they portrayed.

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With time, and the breaking of prejudices, the industry understood the need to improve. Franchises like Tomb Raider and Mortal Kombat have reinvented themselves and interesting characters like Ellie and Aloy have emerged. Today, Canaltech

has prepared a list with some mobile games with female protagonists and interesting stories.


  • Compatibility:

    Android, iOS

  • Price: R$ 9,16 for Android and R$ 16,70 for iOS

  • Size:

    about 290 MB for Android and 1.3 GB for iOS (version 1.0.9 for Android and 1.0.5 for iOS)

  • We live in a world where the routine It consumes us so much that there seems to be no time left to savor life. This is exactly what Florence feels in this acclaimed Annapurna Interactive title, where we follow the protagonist in her daily life and it is impossible not to relate to the representations of everyday life exposed by the work.

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    At each stage, mini-games are presented representing different moments of life. A first meeting, for example, is presented through a puzzle that becomes easier as the protagonist feels more comfortable. Florence is a title that represents human emotions in a simple and effective way, and deserves recognition.

    Solve puzzles to get to know Florence’s narrative (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

    Once Upon a Tower

  • Compatibility:

    Android, iOS

  • Price:

    free (internal purchases optional)

  • Size:

    about 120 MB for Android and 290 MB for iOS (version )

    Pomelo Games uses humor for a new version of the maiden trapped in a tower, removing prince from equation when being devoured by the dragon, putting it as the main weapon It’s for the escape the willpower and a hammer to break the obstacles and defeat the enemies you encounter along the way.

    The title is an endless game which becomes more difficult as the player descends the tower in search of his freedom. To assist, it is possible to buy power ups when you arrive at the end of the phase, catch your breath and move on. Standing still too long is not advisable as the dragon will try to impede your progress, but the further you go, the better your reward. You can find one or two pop culture references along the way.

    Be your own heroine in this fun and challenging Pomelo game (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

    One Night, Hot Springs

  • Compatibility:


  • Price:

    Free (internal purchases optional)

  • Size:

    about 60 MB (version 1.16)

    One Night, Hot Springs is a title in a trilogy that shows three different visions of the same story. While it’s interesting to play all three, we chose this one because it shows a protagonist that we don’t normally find in the industry, a transsexual woman dealing with the existing prejudice and the fear of showing herself as she is.

    Japanese studio npckc tackles the issue during a girlfriends trip to hot springs through a beautiful animation and choice system. Didacticly showing the difficulties she encounters, the game manages to raise awareness and generate reflection on the world and what we can do to make it more welcoming.

    Through a system of choices, the player reflects on social issues (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screencapture)

    Night of the Full Moon

    • Compatibility:

      Android, iOS

    • Price: free (optional in-house purchases)

    • Size:

    Adaptations to different media are important, and through Night of the Full Moon we follow the classic story Red Riding Hood in search of granny through a roguelike card game. As it enters the forest, and in the narrative, more enemies try to stop it, and it becomes evident that what happened is stranger than it seems.

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    The game has a very interesting factor, it needs you to play again to discover new characters that can help you better understand what happened. So that each new play doesn’t become dull , the game is populated with new enemies and new cards, giving room for exploration and player creativity.

    Night of the Full Moon retells the story of Little Red Riding Hood through letters (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

    Lost Maze

    • Compatibility:

      Android, iOS

    • Price:

      Free for Android and R$ ,90 for iOS (internal purchases optional)

    • Size:

      about 120 MB for Android and 150 MB for iOS (version 1.0. 5 for Android and 1.5 for iOS)

    Trapped in a maze that sucks all the joy from the environment, Misty needs to overcome the proposed obstacles through the various locations as you advance looking for your way home. Each of the environments has its own obstacles and it is necessary to collect the lost objects to “rebuild” your house and regain happiness.

    Lost Maze presents a world with a low poly aesthetic and puzzle. heads that need to think ahead, looking at what comes next, to open the way for the protagonist. The title has dozens of levels and seasonal events that keep the game attractive, as well as several characters to collect, many referencing other works of pop culture with characters who lost their way home.

    Find your way back home recovering lost items and solving puzzles (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)The Witch’s Isle

  • Compatibility:

    Android, iOS

  • Price:

    free (optional in-house purchases)

  • Size: about 90 MB for Android and 120 MB for iOS (version 4.0. for Android and 4.0.7 for iOS)

    In a not-so-pleasant way, the protagonist is summoned by the witch who commands the island to find an urn that was stolen from her. The problem is that the time to retrieve the item is limited, just one day, due to the curse the witch has placed on you.

    The game has seven different endings, based on your choices, and to find the urn the player needs to explore the city and talk to the villagers to understand more about the mysterious witch. The game stands out for allowing you to position the camera on other people to watch them and discover secrets they hide, in addition to allowing you to solve puzzles with this control.

    Discover the witch’s secrets while trying to save yourself from the curse (Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

    Which game starring a woman is your favorite? Tell us in the comments.

    Source: Search Game Brasil

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