CT News — Chrome 94 Released, Nokia G50 with 5G and More!

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6 hoursInternet

YouTube tests to allow downloading of videos on the web, but not like you think

In a model similar to Netflix, you need a Premium account for you to watch the contents downloaded on the website and for a limited time

8 hoursApps

Chrome 50 arrives with Material You, multiple windows and more; see what changes

The news pack includes a number of features that were previously exclusive to trial versions, but which are still being experimented on in chrome: //flags

8 hoursSmartphone

Samsung will be able to adapt Galaxy S line to attract Note fans

Brand would also need to make structural changes to the device, to bring its own compartment to the S Pen

9 hoursWindows

Microsoft can authorize Windows 11 on older PCs, but with a serious but

The company has warned that it will not be held responsible for damage or incompatibilities caused by anyone install the system on computers without the minimum requirements

02 hoursSmartphone

Nokia G49 is advertised with 5G, big screen and competitive price

Aimed at the entry-level segment, Nokia’s new cell phone has three rear cameras, Snapdragon chip 50 with 5G and Android 10

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