What are the risks of sharing your Netflix password?

The sharing of internet service accounts, such as Netflix and Spotify, has already become a common practice in the world. But beware, as there are risks in this seemingly harmless practice.

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Jake Moore, a security expert at ESET, a company specializing in proactive threat detection, conducted a Twitter survey with more than 2.700 interviewed, about sharing passwords on various internet services.

21% of respondents, when asked if they share their subscription services, answered yes, with at least one other person, usually relatives or friends. One in three account holders, in the same survey, responded that they share their services with two or more people.

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The survey also asked how passwords were shared. 18. 5% of respondents answered that they revealed the keyword aloud and 7, 5% claimed to send the credential from text messages or e-mail.

That is, from 1.620 people interviewed who claimed to share their passwords, 700 left their credentials recorded in messages to different personal users. This situation is risky, as it doubles the chances of an attacker gaining access to passwords, as devices other than the owner have written records of the password. If the combination is reused in different profiles, even worse, it can turn a simple Netflix loan for a friend into a real headache, even leading to financial losses.

How to avoid these risks

The main ways to share passwords, according to ESET research. (Image: Reproduction/ESET)


ESET is not against sharing passwords for streaming services, but believes that anyone who will take this action you should be more aware of the digital security of your accounts.

One of the recommended precautions is with the reuse of passwords. Of those interviewed in the ESET study, 14% claimed to use the same combinations for multiple accounts , facilitating the work of criminals. Even with strong keywords, once the pass is discovered, other accounts that make use of that same credential will also be in danger.

Jake Moore recommends, in addition to having a password for each account, that users change their access information to the services at least once a year. This action, in addition to increasing security, is also a great way for the account owner to remove access from people they no longer want to share the service with.

Another tip is the use of password managers. According to ESET, these programs are a more secure method of storing passwords than jotting down or remembering hundreds of unique credentials. Managers allow that whenever a specific password is required, the user can just open the application, confirm their identity and copy the credential. After use, the software encrypts the data until the next access validation. It is recommended that users search for trusted password manager and install them on their phones, tablets and computers.

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Finally, it is worth remembering that the sharing of passwords for internet services such as Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video is normally only allowed between family members, with other cases going against the platforms’ Terms of Use. In addition, companies are always looking for methods to prevent this action from happening, such as Netflix, which in March of this year began testing a system to prevent account sharing.

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