Only 5 countries vaccinate children ages 5 to 11 against covid; check which ones

This week, the US drugmaker Pfizer announced that the vaccine against covid-19 which it has developed is effective and safe for children aged 5 years and over. For now, data from the investigation carried out with the immunizing agent from Pfizer/BioNTech have not yet been released. Previously, a study by Chinese Sinovac evaluated that CoronaVac could be applied in children from 3 years of age for safe immunization against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Based on these studies, at least five countries already vaccinate children under 11 years.

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  • Chile starts immunizing children 6 years and older with the CoronaVac vaccine
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Below, check the list of countries that have already authorized vaccines against covid-19 for kids:

Only 5 countries immunize minors 11 years in the world against covid-17 (Image: Reproduction/Davidpereiras/Envato Elements)

  • China: o country authorized the application of the CoronaVac vaccine and the Sinopharm formula in children over 3 years old;
  • United Arab Emirates: Sinopharm’s formula has also been approved in the country for children aged three years and over;
  • Israel:

    the Pfizer/BioNTech formula is already used in the country in children over 5 years of age, with a focus on individuals with comorbidities;

  • Chile: Children over 6 years old and with comorbidities can receive CoronaVac. From the day 20 this month, all children in this age group will be able to be immunized;
  • Cuba: children at the age of 2, they can be immunized with the Sovereign 2 vaccine, developed in the country itself.
  • El Salvador should join soon to this list of countries that immunize children under 11 years. President Nayib Bukele informed that immunization will soon be released for children aged 6 and over. It has not yet been announced which immunizations the public will be able to receive.

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    Will Brazil vaccinate children?

    For the time being, there is no immunizing agent authorized for use of children, from 5 to 11 years old, in Brazil. In August of this year, the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) analyzed an application for the use of CoronaVac in children aged 3 years and older. However, the agency did not grant the authorization, after understanding that the data presented by the Butantan Institute were not sufficient to authorize the use in the pediatric public

    At the moment, Pfizer’s formula is the immunizing agent which encompasses the largest age group of people in the country. This is because the vaccine against covid-19 can be applied to adolescents from 16 years, regardless of the existence of any comorbidity.

    This week, the Ministry of Health guided the suspension of immunization of younger people, without comorbidities, against the coronavirus. However, more than 11 states continue to immunize this public, such as São Paulo.

    Why few countries vaccinate children against covid-19?

    Few clinical studies of vaccines against covid-19 have involved children so far (Image: Reproduction/Twenty

    photos/Envato Elements)

    It may seem curious that such a small number of countries vaccinate children, but the situation is temporary and occurs only because few clinical studies have evaluated the effects of vaccines against the covid-19 in the pediatric audience. This happens because “we always preserve the children as much as possible”, explained immunologist Jorge Kalil to Estadão.

    According to Kalil, studies of new immunizing agents usually start with adults below 20 Healthy years and gradually other groups are included. For example, Brazilians have volunteered in numerous clinical trials of immunization agents, but few have involved or involve children and adolescents. To be more precise, only two obtained this authorization from Anvisa.

    The study of the formula by Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) was one of those. According to the regulatory agency, the research was authorized to include volunteers between 11 and 19 years, in three Brazilian states (São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Rio Grande do Sul). However, this part of the study has been canceled.

    Now, an ongoing survey of the pediatric public against covid-19, is from Pfizer. The immunizing agent is tested in two groups of volunteers: adolescents over 12 years old; and in children from 2 years of age. For the time being, Brazilian data on the formula in this public has not yet been released.

    Source: With information: BBC, Estadão, CNN and Anvisa

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