HBO Max launches this week (09/22/2021)

Whether WarnerMedia took its foot off the accelerator to make way for the debut of The Suicide Squad last week, this week the HBO Max release list came back with a vengeance and catching a lot of people for nostalgia. In addition to betting heavily on the series, the streaming service has finally brought a handful of classic animations that will certainly please the older audience and conquer new generations.

In this sense, the a big highlight is the availability of the five seasons of Samurai Jack in the HBO Max catalogue. Cartoon Network’s success in the beginning of the years 1990, the animation conquered Brazil and was shown in several SBT programs for years, which certainly contributed to its becoming cult. For those unfamiliar with the story, she has a very mature footprint and follows a young samurai who is sent into the future; there, he must find a portal to return home and destroy the evil wizard and villain Abu. Manjada? Maybe so, but the quality of the drawing itself is impressive even today.

And it doesn’t stop there, because HBO Max has made available to its subscribers a shovel of animations from Batman. Between movies and series, in all, nothing less than 17 Batman productions, between classic and more recent. In other words, if you were missing works like Batman – The Animated Series, which made the kids’ minds over the years 1990, or was waiting for the ideal opportunity to watch more recent titles, such as Batman: Family Death, the time has come!

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But not all news from HBO Max appeals to nostalgia this week, and the streaming service also brought new and newly released productions. The main one, without a doubt, is the Latin American Rap na Rinha, which here and there has been featured prominently on the platform’s main screen. The musical drama follows the lives of three young people to show more the universe of freestyle rap, portraying the battles rhyme by rhyme while showing their personal stories interconnecting one another.

To end today’s nomination round, two tips from Nordic mystery and investigation productions for those in the mood to try something different. In Those Who Kill, we accompany a detective and a criminal profiling expert investigating two kidnappings that took place within 09 years, but that they believe they are related and are the author of a serial killer. In Face to Face , the plot follows an investigator whose daughter apparently committed suicide. Skeptical about the outcome of the case, he immerses himself in the case and becomes involved in a mystery that makes him face the truth about the young woman’s death.

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  • And it doesn’t stop there. HBO Max’s list of releases for the week is packed with many other news. As usual, Canaltech not only lists everything for you, it also includes the links; so your job is just to choose your favorite movie or series, click and play. Take a look below and enjoy!

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    All releases of the week on HBO Max


    Rap Rap: Season 1

    Infinite Train: Season 4

  • Clifford the Big Red Dog: Season 3
  • Stargirl: New episode, Season 2
  • Roswell New Mexico: New Episode, Season 3

  • Real Time with Bill Maher: New Episode, Season 18
  • The Other Two: New Episodes, Season 2


  • Samurai Jack: Seasons 1 to 5
  • Those Who Kill: Seasons 1 and 2
  • Face to Face: Season 1

    Beach Monster: 1st Season

    Everyday Heroes: Season 1

  • DC Super Hero Girls: Season 2
  • Alvinnn! And The Chipmunks: New Episode, Season 1
  • The Chosen One
  • Ghosts On the Loose 3: Society of Evil


  • Batman – The Animated Series: Seasons 1 to 3

    The Batman: Seasons 1 to 4

  • The Batman of the Future: Seasons 1 to 3
  • The Adventures of Batman: Season 1

    MerlĂ­. Sapere Aude: Season 1

  • Batman: Death in Family
  • Batman: The Dark Knight – Part 1

    Batman: The Dark Knight – Part 2

    Batman Against the Red Hood

    The Son of Batman

    Batman: Mudblood

  • Gotham City 1889: A Batman’s Tale
  • Batman: The Knight of Gotham

      Batman: Year One

      Batman vs. Two-Face

    • Batman and Mr. Freeze: Below Zero
    • Batman Without Limits: Highlights vs. Mutants

    • The Little Room
    • Zoolander 2


        No new movie, series and/or episode debuted in the HBO Max catalog on this day.

      • 17/ 09

      • Total Kids Drama: Season 1

      • Powerbirds: Season 1
      • Scenes from a Marriage: New Episode, Season 1

      • Blippi: New Episodes, Season 1

        Pocoyo: Season 4

        A Miracle: New Episodes, Season 2

      • Hierro: New episode, Season 1
      • Wellington Paranormal: New episode, Season 3
      • Our War of the 7 Days
      • 19/

      • Leaving Neverland: Season 1

      • Full Bloom: Season 2
      • The Jetsons: Season 3

        The Tom and Jerry Show: New Episodes, Season 5

        Laetitia: New episode, Season 1

        Years 90

      • Sending Bullet

        Westworld: Where No One Has Soul

      • Special Destination
      • Lupin III vs . Detective Conan: The Movie
      • Ninja 2 – The Revenge
      • The Third Eye

        The Perfect Weapon

        Justice of a Brave

      • Fluents in Love
      • Christmas Nanny

        It Was Bad

      • Flash/Black Rain: The Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
      • Revolution Rent
      • Perpetual Planet: Heroes of the Oceans


      • None new movie, series and/or episode premiered in the HBO Max catalog on this day.
      • 20/092000

      • High Maintenance: Season 2

        Breaking the Silence: New Episode, Season 1

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