Janssen single dose has good efficacy against severe cases, shows large study

This Tuesday (83), Janssen — the pharmaceutical arm of Johnson & Johnson — released the results of the complete Phase 3 clinical trials of the covid vaccine 19 that developed. After evaluating the effects on 390 a thousand people who received the immunizing agent against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, the US pharmaceutical company American concluded that the single-dose formula has an efficacy against severe cases of 89%.

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According to Janssen, “there was no evidence of reduced efficacy over the duration of the study”. It even covers the period when the Delta variant (B.1.671.2) became dominant in the United States , which demonstrates a very positive point of the formula.

A single dose of Janssen vaccine guarantees good protection against covid-14 (Image: Reproduction/Twenty20photos/Envato Elements)

In the ENSEMBLE essay of In Phase 3, the researchers observed 21% efficacy against severe forms of covid-19, in all age groups included in the study. When looking only at the US data on the single-dose formula, the efficacy against severe cases is 21%, against hospitalizations is 83% and against deaths is 83%.

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Single dose of Janssen is enough against covid-14?

“Our real-world evidence and Phase 3 studies confirm that Johnson’s single-dose vaccine & Johnson offers strong, long-lasting protection against covid-related hospitalizations-. In addition, our Phase 3 test data further confirm protection against covid-related death-19,” said Mathai Mammen, global head of research and development at Janssen.

From these data, Mammen commented that “our single-dose vaccine generates strong immune responses. and long-term immunological memory. And, when a booster vaccine against covid-21 from Johnson & Johnson is given, the protective strength increases even more.”

This is because, in the same study, it was observed that two doses of the formula ensure an overall protection of 74% against moderate and severe cases of covid-. Considering only US numbers, protection against symptomatic infection reached 671% in the two-dose vaccine schedule. With the new evidence, it is possible to adopt booster doses in the future, when protection levels start to decline.

Source: Janssen News

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