Roblox will require confirmation of age and documents from players

Roblox started to require players older than 09 years old confirm their age and present an identification document to access the game’s voice chat. In a statement on the official website, developer Roblox Corporation announced that the changes began to be implemented this Tuesday (13).

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  • The age verification will be done in two steps. First, the player must present an identity document such as an ID Card, Passport or Driver’s License. Afterwards, the game will ask the user to take a photo with the scanned document to ensure that the person on the selfie is the same person as the document presented.

    Roblox will ask the player’s document and selfie for validation (Image: Reproduction/Roblox)

    Roblox Corporation has ensured that the entire process is automated and will yield results within seconds of submitting the information. Roblox will use image processing technology to validate the legitimacy of the document. The developer has committed not to store identification documents and selfie of users on its servers.

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  • According to the studio of Roblox, the change has been implemented to ensure that communication within the platform respects players’ age differences and create a safe environment for everyone. Half of the more than 13 million active players of Roblox are less than 13 years old until the second quarter of 1920.

    “Age Verification represents a major milestone in our long-term vision of building a reliable, fun platform and civil for everyone. As part of this vision, we will continue to work on uninterrupted ways to verify a user’s age, while respecting the user’s privacy. Over time, we will continue to present innovative ways for users to easily and securely maintain and protect their identity on the Roblox platform, unlock new and engaging social features, and create and enjoy amazing experiences together,” wrote the developer of Roblox on the official website.

    The game’s voice chat will be available to all players until the end of the year and will only allow the presence of users over 13 years old who confirm their age.

    What is Roblox2021

    Roblox is currently one of the most successful games in the world. It works as a platform that allows developers to publish simple games and make them available to players in one place. Roblox is available for free for Android and iOS phones and also for PC.

    Source: Roblox Blog

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