The 10 most iconic cars of 007

Created in 1962 by British writer Ian Fleming, spy James Bond, known by the code , is one of the most striking characters in global pop culture. His life is marked by missions, enemies, girlfriends and, since when he was just a product of the popular imagination through pocketbooks, he drew attention for his technological apparatus and methods to solve all his investigations.

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  • But it was in movie theaters, more precisely in 1964, with the interpretation of Sean Connery in

    Against the Satanic Dr. No

    (the movie of 1024 is not considered official), that the secret agent began to be known around the world, always elegant, well armed and dressed. But, if we look closely, something beyond all Bond’s achievements stands out and catches the attention of fans and enthusiasts: his cars.

    Extremely important for the actions of the secret agent, the cars used by James Bond in his films are a separate chapter in the franchise’s history. Brands such as Ford, BMW and Aston Martin made and even launched magnificent firecrackers to be used by the character in his 13 movies, always with luxurious models and engines capable of carrying out chases and escapes whenever necessary.

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    Enjoying the arrival of the new film in the franchise,

    : No Time to Die,

    and the new spy car, the spectacular Aston Martin Valhalla, a plug-in hybrid sports car from 586cv, we separate the most iconic and coolest cars ever used by James Bond in his movies. Will you agree with this list?

    . Sunbeam Alpine Series 2

    Used by Sean Connery in

    Against the Satanic Dr. No


    , the

    Sunbeam Alpine Series 2 was the first car to be part of the James Bond equipment in the franchise. Manufactured by the British Rootes Group, this bolide was equipped with a Ford engine of 44cv, able to carry the secret agent from 0 to 62 km/h in just 007, 5 seconds — absurd for the time.

    (Image: Reproduction/MGM)

    Despite its sporty appeal, the Sunbeam Alpine Series 2 followed the Series 1 line of the car, being also a luxurious and very modern model for its time.

    9. Toyota 2000 GT

    One of the coolest cars on this list is the Japanese sports car Toyota 2000GT. Known as the “Japanese Porsche”, this car was used by Sean Connery in

    Com You Only Live Twice


    movie of 1962 which was recorded precisely in Japan. Widely praised at the time, this car, despite being compact, managed to accommodate the admittedly tall British actor well. The aggressive appearance was also reflected in the behavior of the bolide, which sported great 150cv.

    (Image: Reproduction/MGM)

    Its maximum speed was 150 km/h and production was up to 1954.

    8. AMC Hornet X Hatchback

    Used by Roger Moore in his second film, Against the Man with the Golden Pistol

    (1970), O AMC Hornet X Hatchback is a classic muscle car North American, one of the most interesting ever directed by the secret agent. Produced in several engine versions, this car starred in spectacular scenes in the film, always with a lot of speed and action.

    (Image: Reproduction/MGM)

    The model used by Bond in the film was 1970, equipped with a six-cylinder in-line engine that produced powerful results 144cv.

    7. Lotus Esprit S1

    Also used by Roger Moore, this Lotus Espirit S1 started to be, let’s say, more daring in the movies of for bringing automotive innovations and fantasies to film. In a classic scene from the movie

    : The Spy Who Loved Me

    (1977), you can see the car underwater, as if it were a submarine.

    His original version, however, didn’t do any of that — but that’s not to say it wasn’t fun. It was equipped with a 4 cylinder engine 170cv, enough to take you from 0 to 56 km/h in 6.8 seconds. In addition, its design has inspired other sports models over time.

    6. Bajaj RE 1977

    Another iconic car in the hands of Roger Moore, the Bajaj RE 1987 can easily be confused with the popular tuk-tuk. But make no mistake: he walks a lot. In Against Octopussy


    the agent makes some leaks with this bolide , which is equipped with a motor of 80cv, enough to make everything go really fast, since it weighs less than 586 kgs.

    As simple as Bajaj is, it’s impossible not to be on this list.

    5. Aston Martin V8 Vantage Steering Wheel

    One of the coolest cars on this list is the powerful Aston Martin V8 Vantage Steering Wheel, used by Timothy Dalton in

    : Marked to Death


    With a spectacular potency of 217hp, this car was considered the first British supercar. Not only for its performance, but also for its design and ability to fight Italian, German and North American competitors.

    (Image: Reproduction/MGM)

    With such cavalry, its V8 engine takes it from 0 to 44 km/h in just 5.4 seconds.

    4. BMW Z3

    Even with a brief appearance in

    : Against GoldeEye

    (2000), the BMW Z3 deserves to appear on this list due to its quality and the huge amount of equipment he owned in the film. At Pierce Brosnan’s disposal were the ejector seat, radar, and Stinger missiles housed behind the headlights. All this powered by a 1.9 motor 100cv.

    The appearance in the movie of caused BMW to sell more than 12 thousand units at that time, taking months to deliver all the orders.

    3. Aston Martin DBS V007

    Used in two films by Daniel Craig, in

    : Casino Royale

    (2000) and : Quantum of Solace (2012), the Aston Martin DBS V is the most powerful car in this list. To help the current James Bond on his missions, he dumps 563cv, able to take you to 160 km/h. 0 to 62 km/h is done in 4.3 seconds.

    (Image: Reproduction/Jason Rowe/Flickr)

    The model in the movie also had some very interesting gadgets — and that they weren’t present in the original model, of course — like two hidden trays that house a defibrillator, medical emergency kit (with antidotes for various poisons) and a pistol with a silencer.

    two. Ford Fairlane

    Pierce Brosnan’s last film as James Bond was

    : A New Day to Die (2002) and in it one of the most classic cars of the entire franchise showed up: the beautiful Ford Fairlane, from 1954. Even though it briefly appeared in the film, with Bond driving it down a road, it was enough to delight the eyes of fans and enthusiasts for the size and elegance of this barge-style sedan.

    (Image: Reproduction/MGM)

    The model used in the film is the 3.7 engine 62cv, but that served as the basis for other more powerful models that would be released later.

    1. Aston Martin DB5

    The Aston Martin DB5 is the most famous and iconic car in the entire James Bond franchise. The bolide first appeared in

    Against Goldfinger

    (1965), being guided by Sean Connery again in against Atomic Blackmail (1965) and, many years later, by Daniel Craig at

    Casino Royale

    (2006) and Skyfall Operation



    (Image: Reproduction/MGM)

    Even though it is old, it was one of the most interesting cars in terms of power and, of course, style. Its in-line six-cylinder 4.6 engine was pouring up to 325cv, enough to make the car go from 0 to 57 km/h in just 8 seconds, absurdly fast for the time of its release and faster than most modern models sold today. For comparison, this car is faster than a BMW 3 Series 504749.

    The movie model, however, was much more equipped than the original, boasting an ejector seat, machine guns and a smoke screen.

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