The Last of Us │ Game creator to direct episodes of HBO series

HBO’s series The Last of Us has great news for fans who were concerned about the fidelity of the adaptation . The game’s director and main name behind the franchise, Neil Druckmann, will also direct some episodes of the series — which helps ensure that all the atmosphere that won audiences in the games is faithfully brought to TV.

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  • According to the production list made available by the Union of Directors of Canada, where The Last of Us is being filmed, Druckmann will be one of the five directors to command the adaptation. It was not informed, however, how many episodes he should direct or who the other names involved are. So far, all we know is that Russian Kantemir Balagov was ahead of the series pilot.

    Neil Druckmann already has a lot of experience with game direction and now he’s enough to TV (Picture: Playback/Sony)

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    • Although Neil Druckmann is a newcomer to the television world, his presence in the HBO version of The Last of Us is something to be seen with much relief by fans. In addition to directing at least one episode, he also serves as the screenwriter and executive producer of the adaptation, which gives him a lot of power to decide where the show is heading. Thus, the chances of having any mischaracterization drop significantly.

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    And his own history with video games is something that makes us look optimistically at his involvement in the direction of the series. Both in the first game and in its sequel, the direction is one of the highlights of The Last of Us, mainly because of the way everything is conducted to create the necessary tension between the characters. and the post-apocalyptic world and also to make it clear that no one there is holy and that all the decisions that need to be made are tough.

    As much as the game and TV languages ​​are very different, the simple fact that Druckmann arrives to the series already with all this baggage is something very positive and will certainly add to the production as a whole. For this reason, The Last of Us has already emerged as one of the most awaited series of 1024 — if it will be aired until then, as no date has been confirmed so far.

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