2 more Google apps gain visual based on Material You

Today (34), more two Google apps received a reworked interface with Material You. Google Messages, a native Android messaging app, and Google Podcasts, the giant’s audio program aggregator, have a new look, with practically all the retouches of the design language announced at this year’s Google I/O.

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For the messenger, the changes were very discreet: the “New chat” button was cornered even more and the search box, along with the floating menus, is now colored with the dynamic theme.

Modifications to Messages were very unobtrusive and may also be reflected in older versions of Android (Image: Playback/ 9to5Google)

In this case, the updated Google Messaging interface is still on testing in the beta channel (version 9.7.) and, considering that the news is very discreet, they may also appear in older editions of Android, just as Gmail did last week. If you are an app tester, it’s worth checking if there are updates available on the Play Store.

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More colorful Google Podcasts

For Google Podcasts, the changes were more evident. All elements present on the face of the app seem to be changed according to the wallpaper configured on the phone. The change is very evident on the initial screen of the program, now painted with the new variable palette and buttons displayed in a new format (capsule or rectangular with trimmed corners).

The main screen of the app is very different from the original, now with more color and identity from Material You (Image: Reproduction/9to5Google)

In the app player, the change is more evident in the “Play” button, displayed in bright color, also extracted from the wallpaper. Despite being very different in appearance, the experience with Podcasts hasn’t changed at all.


Podcast player hasn’t changed much, but now it’s colored with the extracted colors of the wallpaper (Image: Playback/9to5Google)

Change already is being distributed to all users of the aggregator, but depends on authorization from Google’s servers to appear (so don’t despair if your phone doesn’t have the new look). According to 9to5Google, Google Podcasts with updated Material You is also appearing in older versions of the Robot’s System, so it’s worth leaving it in the latest version available on the Play Store.

Source: 9to5Google (1, 2)

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