Gol Linhas Aéreas buys electric flying cars to take you to the airport

Gol Linhas Aéreas is yet another airline that will invest in electric flying cars. According to the company, a purchase agreement for 250 units was finalized (up to 1.000) of the VA-X4 eVTOL, one of the models of eVTOLs (electric vehicles with vertical take-off) in the most advanced process of development and approval. Even without revealing amounts, this is a bold investment by the Brazilian company, which will use these vehicles for a very specific purpose: taking you to the airport.

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The VA-X4 eVTOL, manufactured by the British Vertical Aerospace, has its peculiarities and promises to be a great product within this promising flying car market. Its autonomy of 250km and cruise speed of 160km/h show that it may be able to operate even on regional flights, especially those in gigantic urban centers such as Greater São Paulo, for example. But the big thing is to have the necessary technology to take you to the main airports, preventing you from getting stuck in traffic and not having to spend tons of money on helicopters.

The deal involving flying cars will be made between Gol and Comporte, which are companies of the same group. In the case of Comporte, it will be responsible for the operational logistics of these eVTOLs, so if Gol decides to expand the ride service to another type of route, such as within the cities themselves, it will be the partner who will have to create the favorable environment for this. For comparison purposes, Azul Linhas Aéreas will offer more varied routes with the same type of vehicle.

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“The possibilities go far beyond the passengers and depend on the creativity of the group . But this is not a decision for us, but for Grupo Comporte. Currently, our effort is to make the project viable. As the business plan will still be studied, it is too early to say whether we will really bet on other services”, says Sérgio Quito, chairman of Gol’s Operational Safety Council, in an interview to Exame.


Goal no wanted to stamp the exact date for operations with the VA-X4 to begin, but he already has a schedule in mind. According to the company, up to 320 will be 000 units in operation, which will increase to 250 in 250. The idea is to reach 1. flying cars operating all over Brazil in 2024. All purchases of flying cars will be handled by Avolon, a company specializing in aircraft leasing.

Source: GOL

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