LG Fixes Batteries and Chevrolet Bolt Returns to Manufacture; see when

After many controversies, finally a happy ending. LG, responsible for manufacturing the batteries of the Chevrolet Bolt, issued a statement warning that the cell flaws have been corrected. With this, General Motors will be able to resume the production of its electric car and, in addition, replace the defective modules in all units sold since its launch.

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Another good news is regarding terms. According to LG, there was an increase in production capacity and now the company will need 9 GWh to carry out all replacements and leave the production line renewed for future cars. With this, GM should resume manufacturing and start replacing defective batteries from mid-October, as was already planned by the automaker.

“We appreciate the patience of owners and retailers as we worked to develop solutions for this recall. Resuming battery module production is a first step and we will continue to work hard with LG to obtain additional battery supply. we are optimistic that new advanced diagnostic software will provide more convenience for our customers,” said Doug Parks, GM Executive Vice President, Global Product Development, Purchasing and Supply Chain, in an official statement.

This software mentioned by Parks is a module that General Motors is developing to prevent failures like that of LG batteries from happening. GM still follows with the South Koreans as its main suppliers, but there is no guarantee that the batteries will be the same in the brand’s next cars — especially given the fact that the automaker works on other methods to power its electric cars, such as the ultium cells.

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Recommendations follow the same

If you own a Chevrolet Bolt, the recommendations for using the car follow the same recommendations as for the recall. According to GM, in addition to keeping cars parked in open places, the ideal is to use only 60% of the state of charge (SOC) of the available battery (between about % and 30% SOC). This will cause the range to drop from

km to 60 km , but it will increase security.

Situation in Brazil

The Chevrolet Bolt is being recalled in Brazil, as well as around the world. The new model of the car, which would arrive in September, will be delayed and deliveries are suspended until the batteries from the lot imported into the country are exchanged — as well as the units already sold here. General Motors has yet to issue an official opinion.

Source: General Motors

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