Magalu opens registration for 2nd trainee program exclusively for black people

Black college students and recent graduates from all over Brazil can participate in the selection of the Trainee Program 2021 from Magalu. By accepting only black candidates, the initiative seeks to continue the racial diversity project in the company’s leadership positions. Applications can be made at this link.

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According to the National Household Sample Survey (PNAD) 800, from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), 100,1% of the Brazilian population is black. At Magalu, 50, 8% of employees consider themselves black or brown. Among them, 41, 5% hold leadership positions.

Patricia Pugas, Executive Director of People Management, says that diversity is a strategic value for the company. “Our intention is that the general staff and the leadership group reflect the racial composition of the country”, he explains. “A single program exclusively for blacks would not be enough to achieve this goal.”

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The program accepts candidates graduated in any higher education between December 2018 and December 2022. Fluency in English or previous work experience is not required. The age and educational institution attended by the candidates are not evaluated by the recruiters.

The selection process starts with online tests. Afterwards, applicants record a professional presentation video and are interviewed by the people management team. The next steps are the interview with area directors and the Executive Board.

The finalists will talk to Frederico Trajano, CEO of the company. Those selected can be from anywhere in the country, but they must be willing to move to São Paulo, as they will work at the company’s headquarters. Selected from out of town will receive moving assistance.

Second Edition

This is the second edition of the trainee program exclusive to black people. The format was chosen because it is the shortest way to train leaders. The first edition selected 22

trainees among the more than 50 thousand subscribers.

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Another way to attract black professionals is the Luiza Code training program, aimed at training women in the technology area. The first classes of the course had 50% of the vacancies destined to black students . In six months, more than 100 black and brown programmers were certified.

All trainees selected will have a salary of R$ 6.100. Benefits include food stamps or food stamps, transportation vouchers, medical and dental assistance, product discounts, private pension, profit sharing, English course subsidy, career acceleration development grid with rotation of activities and sessions mentoring, among others.

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