Halloween Kills gets new trailer and highlights Michael Myers comeback

One of the most traditional horror movie franchises is about to return. Halloween Kills: The Horror Continues won this week a new trailer and shows the return of the iconic Michael Myers, proving that the evil cannot be stopped.

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    As the images already make it very clear, the events of the new film take place immediately after the end of the version of

    of Halloween, with Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her family defeating the ruthless masked assassin. However, what the scenes reveal is that the victory over Myers was only momentary and he is back in search of his victims.

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  • And what draws attention here are precisely the consequences of what the previous feature film presented. First, we have a protagonist who is already weakened and having to find the strength to fight once more. As you can see in the trailer, Curtis’ character is hospitalized and it is under these conditions that he will need to organize his family to face Michael Myers.

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    At the same time, she seems to inspire the entire population of Haddonfield to face this monster, which should yield unique moments within the franchise. While we’ll have an entire city mobilizing to face the killer, this also represents a larger number of potential victims crossing its path — and the film should make good use of this confrontation to create its terror.

    Halloween Kills: The Horror Continues hits theaters the next day from October and is rocked by the good result of the previous film, which grossed a staggering US$ 250 million worldwide — enough to make him the biggest box office of the franchise since Halloween – The Night of Horror, from 250.

    Source: Universal Pictures

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