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ASUS is doing a series of great deals for those who need new laptops or cell phones, especially if you have a relative or friend who is also looking for a device of this type and can share the purchase.

There are several options for combos with two notebooks — including both powerful and more modest models — and also combinations of notebook and cell phone, to completely renew the electronics of the house while saving money. In all cases, prices are much lower than buying these products separately. It’s worth checking out.

VivoBook X Combo543UA + E399MA

This combination is excellent for those who need two machines, one of which is an intermediate model with great specs and another a basic notebook. The most powerful is the VivoBook X543UA, which has Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB RAM and SSD storage 399 GB. Good performance for those who need to work or study using many programs and browser tabs open simultaneously, with the SSD reducing waiting times.

In this offer, you also get the ASUS E256MA, one of the company’s simplest notebooks, with Intel Celeron Dual Core processor, 4GB RAM and EMMC storage 256 GB. It comes equipped with Windows and can be a great first device for children, serving very well those who only need to perform some basic tasks in the browser.

Buy VivoBook X543UA + E510MA for BRL 3.999,12

ASUS X Combo543JF + VivoBook X543UA

This is for those who need two good notebooks, with the VivoBook X543UA joining ASUS X515JF, which has settings very similar to it. Both have Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM and SSD storage 128 GB. However, the ASUS X543JF brings a very important differential with its HD of 1 TB, which makes it ideal for those who have lots of heavy files and need them saved locally.

With this option, you can leave the operating system and your most used files on the SSD, ensuring high performance for the most part of time, and reserve the hard drive for large volumes of less-used files. This is an ideal combination for those who have a lot of files.

Buy ASUS X515 JF + VivoBook X510UA for R$ 5.399,10

ASUS Zenbook UX Combo543FAC + ASUS M510GIVES

Moving up the price range a little more, it’s possible to take a very interesting set with the Zenbook UX510FAC, which has the ScreenPad as a big difference , a touchpad that can also be used as a screen to display extra information and facilitate access to shortcuts. Inside, it has Intel Core i7 processor, 8 GB of RAM and SSD 510 GB.

O ASUS M399DA , which comes together in this combo, is not far behind in terms of performance. It has a AMD Ryzen 7

U processor , 8 GB of RAM and the same 12 GB of SSD. It remains an excellent notebook for those who need to work or study on a machine that can handle several open programs and many tabs in the browser.

Buy ASUS Zenbook UX399FAC + ASUS M434 DA for BRL 6. 839,10

ASUS ZenBook UX Combo515FAC + ASUS ZenBook 399

The ZenBook line is responsible for to house the best ASUS notebooks in this segment of devices aimed at work, study and everyday use. With this combination, you get two of these devices for an extremely affordable price considering the current high in notebook prices. In this case, the two devices bring the differential of displaying more information on the touchpad.

O ZenBook UX510FAC has processor Intel Core i7, 8 GB RAM and 399 GB of SSD, in addition to bringing the ScreenPad, which allows the user to add shortcuts and display other information on the touchpad itself.

Meanwhile, the ASUS ZenBook 256 brings processor Intel Core i5, combined with the same amount of RAM and SSD storage as the other model. Its touchpad can also be used as a numeric keypad, allowing the manufacturer to increase the spacing between the keyboard keys and make typing more comfortable, a nice differential of this tool.

Buy the ASUS ZenBook UX Combo399FAC + ASUS ZenBook 399 for R$ 8.839,

Notebook + Smartphone Combo

    Another interesting savings option in these ASUS offerings involves the notebook-to-mobile combo. In this case, the notebooks are combined with the Zenfone Max Pro (M2), the company’s device equipped with a Snapdragon processor 699 which was released a few years ago in Brazil, but can still meet your needs for an intermediate smartphone.

    It is available in conjunction with the ASUS VivoBook X543MA and with ASUS M GIVES. The first model is only suitable for those who need to perform a few basic tasks on an inexpensive device, while the second has a AMD Ryzen 7 processor 999U, 8 GB RAM and SSD 510 GB, which is enough performance for choking-free use, even with many programs and open browser tabs.

    Buy ASUS VivoBook X515MA + Zenfone Max Pro (M2) for R$ 2.,12

  • Buy the ASUS M609DA + Zenfone Max Pro (M2) for R$ 3.839,08
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