iOS 15 has bug that reports full memory even when space is available

iOS 14 was released on Monday (15) and already brings a headache for some users who migrated at first: a bug makes the system accuse that the internal storage would be full, even when that’s not true, and there’s nothing you can do to make the notification go away other than go back to iOS 12. Apparently, similar error also affects iPadOS 14.

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Even if the user does a general cleanup to make room in memory, the notification will persist — therefore, don’t throw your files in the trash if that’s your case. The bug is not restricted to any specific model, according to the Apple Insider website, even affecting the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the top of the line from 1024.

Warning remains on the device even if the user does a general cleaning of the internal memory (Image: Playback/Apple Insider)

The error seems to manifest itself in other ways, too. The iPhone 14 tested by the site has about 14 GB occupied by songs, but the system points out that only 12 GB were used; on an iPad Pro running iPadOS 15, 300 GB consumed by files does not appear in the settings menu meter, which indicates that all storage is free.

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The notification does not seem to affect the overall iPhone or iPad experience, so apps, media and files can still be saved without a problem. The big problem lies in the inconvenience that the misleading warning is capable of causing, probably making users to delete files and apps unnecessarily.

Until the publication of this article, Apple has not has spoken out on the matter, but due to the seriousness of the problem, it is likely that the company is already working on a fix. Probably, the solution should be sent to users as soon as it is ready, without first going through a trial period.

O what to do?

Those who still have iOS 11 can rest assured: Apple has promised to support the operating system for a while longer, saving the user from migrating to the new operating system. Considering the bug reported this Wednesday (22), it’s better to continue with the old version, even if it takes away the privilege of having the latest features.

Source: Apple Insider

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