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Spring has arrived in Brazil! This Wednesday (22 ) begins the time of year known as the “Flower Season”. It is a time when the climate favors the growth of plants. This is because spring is a transitional climate season. After the end of the dry climate characteristic of winter, the hot rains begin, which are more frequent with the arrival of summer.

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  • So, this is a great season to grow. That’s why today I came to give a tip to plant moms and dads! In case you have noticed any strange behavior related to the health of your plants, there is an app that can show you if your plant is healthy.

    It is called Plantix and it is available for all Android devices . Inspired by our Amazon rainforest, a group of German students had the idea of ​​creating an application to identify their plant’s health, through photos and cell phone captures.

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    So, if she is suffering from some kind of pest or disease, you can even check how to treat this situation by app. According to data from the application, Plantix can recognize more than 660 damage to plants of up to crops many different. So, it’s worth checking it out!

    How to use the Plantix app to take care of your plant’s health

    You can download the Plantix app directly from the Google Play Store by clicking here.

    Step 1: when opening the app, select the language you want to use. It works very well with Brazilian Portuguese;

    (Capture: Felipe Freitas/Canaltech)

    Step 2: once that is done, tap “Start”;

    (Capture: Felipe Freitas/Canaltech)

    Step 3: then select the category that most identifies with you;

    (Capture: Felipe Freitas/Canaltech)

    Step 4: on this page, select the types of plants you usually grow;

    (Capture: Felipe Freitas/Canaltech)

    Step 5: then, under the category “Cure your culture”, tap on “Take a picture”;

    (Capture: Felipe Freitas/Canaltech)

    Step 6

    : then just make a perfect framing of your plant and press the capture button;

    (Capture: Felipe Freitas/Canaltech)

    Step 7

    : before starting the analysis, just check if the photo is sharp and in good quality. With everything right, just tap the “OK” icon to continue;

    (Capture: Felipe Freitas/Canaltech)

    Step 8: Finally, Plantix will tell you how your plant is healthy and will guide you for some content and articles related to care to prevent disease.

    ( Capture: Felipe Freitas/Canaltech)

    Pretty cool, right? Did you like this tip? Share this article with your friends who love to grow plants.

    Source: Plantix

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