Bizarre! Discover the story of the man who urinates and ejaculates through the anus

No, you didn’t read the wrong title! Last August, a report was published in the scientific journal Cureus Journal of Medical Science about a year old man (whose identity has not been revealed) who spent two years of his life ejaculating and urinating… through his anus. According to the report, it all started when the man went through five days with pain in his testicles, and then observed a substantial amount of urine and sperm coming out of his rectum.

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  • A CT scan of the man’s pelvis later revealed that he was experiencing a chronic case of rectourethral fistula, an extremely rare condition in which a new anatomical connection forms between the urethra and the rectum. These cases are usually generated by other conditions, such as prostate cancer, rectal cancer, surgery or severe trauma.

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    In this case, the unusual passage caused the sperm to exit the rectum instead of following their normal course, exiting through the urethra. The cause was not immediately clarified, however. The man denied having had abdominal surgeries, and also did not undergo any type of manipulation or rectal penetration.

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    The theory of experts is that , as the patient spent three weeks in a coma, the catheter used to drain his urine may have caused significant trauma at the time. At the end of the treatment, the patient had an almost perfect recovery. For more details, you can access the full original report here.

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