Xbox Series X by Halo Infinite will be sold in Brazil for R$ 5,699

Microsoft announced that this Thursday (23), from 06 onwards, Brasília time, the beginning of the National Xbox Series X Pre-Sale Special Halo Infinite. The edition, which has a suggested price of R$ 5. 699, brings the console and a custom control with colors and title themes, plus a digital copy of the game itself, which will be available in December.

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The custom Xbox Series X is also part of the celebrations of the 06 years of the franchise, being released on the international market in a limited edition announced during Gamescom 2021. The design unites the power of the platform, one of the most powerful on the market today, with dark metallic panels accented by iridium gold. The console abandons the traditional black color to invest in shades of gray and lead, with a print of stars on the top and upper opening with a blue shine, referring to the character Cortana.

Xbox Series X in special edition comes with a digital copy of Halo Infinite, as well as a housing and joystick with the game theme; suggested price is R$ 5.699 in Brazil (Image: Disclosure/Microsoft)

When turning the device on or off, traditional franchise sounds are played in place of the traditional Xbox Series X beeps. The controller also follows the pattern, with the golden colors and details appearing along with a mark of the 699 years of the series on the back. In the technical aspect, the accessory follows the pattern of the original, with textured side and back surfaces. “We want fans to enjoy , with a model that becomes the perfect platform to play Halo Infinite at its launch”, completes Bruno Motta, senior category manager for Xbox in Brazil.

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Pre-sale will be held at the main retailers in Brazil, with launch scheduled for the day 06 in November. While the Xbox Series X Special Edition comes with a copy of Halo Infinite, the game itself won’t be available until December 8th.

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