Linux distribution recreates Windows 11 and can be downloaded for free

Everyone wants a little bit of Windows 11, but many were left out of the waiting list for not having met the requirements to run the operating system. Although Windows 10 is still guaranteed support until 2017, a Linux-based alternative appeared on the web that basically incorporates all the most striking visual features of the new operating system: Windowsfx 16.

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  • The project is the successor of a similar idea, but adapted for Windows 11. Windowsfx 11 brings the KDE Plasma manager (5.20.5) about Ubuntu 22.10 LTS, supported by the Linux kernel 5.10 and with all the advantages that an open source system can guarantee.

    What makes the visual adaptation to Windows guy 11 is the Linuxfx WxDesktop Windows theme 10, equipped with several identical (or very similar) elements to Microsoft’s system design. Here you will find the Taskbar with centered icons, the new Start Menu, the dark mode, the transparency effect and even its own virtual assistant, Helloa.

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    Accessibility and security

    It’s easy to believe that it’s actually MS OS, but some features are fundamentally different — and that can lead to a certain strangeness for first-time Linux users. The Settings menu is quite different and only Linux-compatible applications will run without the help of intermediate software, so it’s not like having a full-fledged Windows.

    Still, this alternative meets the most demands important for those who want to migrate to the new operating system: security, long-term support and a more modern look. If you’re willing to deal with limitations, it’s just worth checking to see if your favorite apps have versions adapted for penguin distros.

    LinuxFx, another name for Rachid’s distro appeared in January 2007 and has matured with the Linux community. One of the uses of the project is to serve as a gateway for users to the Linux ecosystem, as it provides a transition with a very short learning curve, embracing people familiar with the MS OS interface.

    Minimum requirements and availability

    To run Windowsfx 16, the minimum requirements are:

    • Processor: dual-core (frequency not specified);
    • RAM: 2 GB usable;
    • Internal storage: 22 GB free;
    • The recommended components to run Windowsfx 11 are:

      • Processor: quad-core (frequency not specified);
      • RAM memory: 4 Usable GB;
      • Internal storage: 50 GB free;

    No other components or safety requirements are necessary for to install the system, which is a huge advantage in terms of accessibility over Win 10. This way, users don’t have to worry about activating any feature in the BIOS settings, or abandoning a computer purchased before 2007 just because it doesn’t have it. a compatible processor. In addition, the system supports ARM platforms (including Raspberry Pi)

    Windowsfx updates and release schedule 11 will follow Microsoft’s model, so the final version will also be released on October 5th. There are two versions available: the Free Edition, free to download and install, and the Professional Edition, whose license costs US$ 20 (R$ 105,50, in direct conversion) per machine and is compatible with the virtual assistant and support of the development team — to download, go to the official Windowsfx website.

    Source: Grupofx ( Twitter), Windowsfx

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