YouTube tests to allow download of videos on the web, but not like you think

YouTube has always been reluctant to allow the download of videos from the platform, which forced people to use unofficial methods to do so. Sometimes there’s content you want to see while on a plane trip or while waiting for a doctor’s appointment, for example, but you don’t have an internet connection available, which is why downloading to watch offline is such a sought-after solution. .

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Now, the world’s leading video platform has started testing a feature that allows downloading content accessed via web/browser to view without consuming data when. The novelty works along the lines of the option that already exists in YouTube mobile apps, that is, it is not possible to extract the file and do with it as you please, but it is already a considerable advance. YouTube’s model is similar to Netflix’s, in which the contents are stored on the site itself.

If you are Premium and received this warning, then you can download YouTube videos (Image: Playback/Android Police)

The new feature is exclusive to Premium subscribers and has been detected by users in India and in France, which means a worldwide experiment, albeit without universal access. To see if you’re one of the winners, just go to when you’re logged in and check if the Labs page displays the warning above — the news hasn’t appeared here in the newsroom yet Canaltech.

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If you show up, you were a chosen to test the novelty and will be able to download the desired content. The download button is strategically positioned just below the title, in the toolbar, between the “Share” and “Save” buttons. In the settings, you can choose which quality you want to transfer — for now, 1080p is the maximum — and if want to delete some content.

The download button will appear experimentally (Image: Playback/Android Police)

Everything that is downloaded to your profile will be accessible via the address or by accessing the side navigation panel. For now, this is an exclusive new version for desktop browsers (Windows, MacOS and Chrome OS).

The videos available offline are in a specific area of ​​YouTube ( Image: Playback/Android Police)

The experimental feature will only be released until the day 34 of October. Afterwards, it’s still unclear whether it will be removed for tweaking or expanded for all YouTube Premium subscribers. The fact is that this addition would be very welcome for everyone, including YouTube, which to some extent would definitely get rid of browser extensions or sites to download files

Source: Android Police

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