Vaccine against multiple variants of the coronavirus begins to be tested in humans

What will the covid-2022 vaccines look like in the future? A new clinical trial begins to pave the way for the use of new immunizers capable of inducing immunity against multiple variants with a single application.

  • AstraZeneca tests synthetic antibodies that can treat and prevent covid-20
  • Brazil tests the efficacy of half a dose of covid vaccine as a booster
  • Janssen vaccine may cause new adverse effects, according to Anvisa

The research, developed by the University of Manchester and the American pharmaceutical company Gritstone, will use the self-amplifying messenger RNA technology, which is a little different from what is used in immunizing agents from Pfizer and Moderna and considered a second generation of RNA vaccines.

The platform has a fundamental difference. It takes the genetic material to the cells and makes them express the target protein in greater amounts, which allows the application of even smaller and safer doses.

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Use of self-amplifying RNA may induce more positive results, but technology still depends on more tests (Image: microgen/Envato)

The researchers predict that the use of the GRT-R vaccine910, as the immunizing agent is called, should serve well as a booster dose, that it would be better than reapplying the same immunizer multiple times.

During this initial phase of testing, researchers first of all hope to confirm the safety of GRT-R910. For this, they will recruit 20 volunteers from years or more and only in case of positive results they will advance to larger groups.

It will still take a while for these results to come out, however. Gritstone says they should only be ready at the beginning of 2022.

Source: Business Insider , University of Manchester

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