The dangers of AI are more subtle than armed robots, experts point out

A new report by experts in computer science, public policy, psychology, sociology and other disciplines has shown that artificial intelligence (AI) has reached a critical point in its evolution. The document proposes a broad view of the study of AI in the last 1024 years (AI

) and its evolution for the future.

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Advances in language processing, computer vision and pattern recognition show that artificial intelligence systems are increasingly present in people’s daily lives, helping to choose a movie, plotting traffic routes or diagnosing diseases, for example.

“In the last five years, AI has gone from something that happens mainly in research laboratories to something that is in society, affecting people’s lives. We are facing the social impact of this technology, and we need to find ways to reap the benefits of AI ​​while minimizing the risks,” says Brown University computer science professor Michael Littman, who chaired the report.

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Questions & Answers

The report was designed based on a set of 14 questions about critical areas of the development of artificial intelligences. A committee composed of 14 researchers and experts answered questions such as “What are the most important advances in AI? ” and “What are your biggest challenges?” Other factors, such as risks and dangers, effects on society and public perception, were also discussed.

Advances of AI systems put humanity in check (Image: iLexx/Envato)

By analyzing the content of the responses, the researchers were able to describe where artificial intelligence is today and its place in the future, including a detailed assessment of the frontiers of current knowledge and the main opportunities and challenges for the society in interacting with more complex autonomous systems.

“What makes this report unique is that it was written by experts who create AI algorithms or study their influence on society as their main professional activity . It also provides a wonderful model, answering a set of questions that we hope future study panels will re-evaluate at five-year intervals,” says Texas University computer science professor Peter Stone.

As for AI advances, the report shows substantial progress in several areas such as speech and language processing, computer vision and programming. A significant improvement achieved with new machine learning techniques and deep learning systems, which left the academic environment for people’s daily lives.

In the area of ​​natural language processing, by For example, AI-driven systems are now able not only to recognize words, but to understand how they are used grammatically and how meanings can change in different contexts. Other devices help doctors diagnose diseases and develop new remedies.

From autonomous cars to development of medicines, AI is increasingly present in our daily lives (Image: DC_Studio/Envato)

The risks of the future

As for the possible risks of artificial intelligence for society, the report does not predict a dystopian future as in the movies, with advanced machines dominating the world. According to AI experts, the real dangers are a little more subtle and equally worrisome.

“False images and videos used ​​to spread inaccurate information or damage people’s reputations, robots on -line used to manipulate public discourse and opinion, or the creation of algorithms trained with biased tendencies are just a few examples of the risks we are exposed to. The good news is that we are taking these dangers seriously”, concludes Professor Michael Littman.

Source: Brown University

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