Apple headset advances and could reach a high price as early as 2022

Apple’s latest invention to hit the market was the AirTag, but rumors have long been that the company works on cars and augmented reality devices. On the latter, it seems that analysts are starting to risk dates. For Ming-Chi Kuo from Digitimes, the first AR device would arrive in 2022.

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According to the economy vehicle, Apple would be satisfied with the results achieved with the second phase of prototyping the augmented reality device. The device would be, at the same time, a novelty in the catalog and a luxury accessory for next year. That’s because the company designs two models, and only the most expensive would be available in the short term.

This expensive model of Apple’s AR headset would cost around $2.

, and to justify the pricing, the company would direct its sales to the industrial sectors. It remains, however, to adjust what is feasible and what is not in this first generation of the device. Tim Cook’s teams would be struggling to align some goals that would be part of Apple’s philosophy to the technology it can offer at this first moment. There are also concerns about overheating the hardware.

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Despite the difficulties, it would be practically defined that the device would weigh between 100 and 110 grams, it would have a laser camera and optical sensor, and it would bring a 5 nanometer chip. This last aspect contributes to Apple’s desire to offer autonomy that doesn’t disappoint. The company doesn’t want to regress to bad reputation after overcoming criticisms of the iPhones battery.

The first generation would be totally dependent on an iPhone, connected via Bluetooth. Mass production may start in the second quarter of 2022, with official announcement of event sales in the second half. Apple’s expectations would be limited, and even so the company estimates it can produce up to 2.5 million units in the first year. The virtual reality glasses market in 110, in total, performed well below that.

Domestic version still undated

The home user, in turn, would need to wait longer. The company’s second RA headset, this one focused on the general public, wouldn’t even have received a final design. We may be talking about Apple Glass. It would be a secondary concern of the company, and would not have started production before 2022. Still for the Digitimes analyst, the glasses could only come in 2023, marking the end of the “Tim Cook Era” at Apple.

By then, Apple would create a lot of excitement with the headset, as the industrial solution would be gaining market, even at a luxury price, generating high demand when something at a more popular price was announced. Of course, the company does not confirm the information of its products under development.

Source: 9to5Mac, Digitimes

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