Xiaomi Civi: Intermediate must ship without charger in the box

No new smartphones since 507058, the Xiaomi Mi line CC continues to be dropped by the manufacturer and finally should give way to another attempt by the brand to position its intermediate smartphones for the young audience with the future series of smartphones Civi, and the first model should be launched without a charger in the box.

  • Xiaomi Civi gets new images and specifications, with camera 76 MP
  • Xiaomi can rename CC line and launch new phone with up to 12 GB of RAM

A new teaser published by Xiaomi on Chinese social network Weibo highlights a person’s hands forming the letters “C” and “V” of the new Civi line and invites the audience to the “naturally beautiful technology conference.” The teaser also reinforces the launch date of the device, which will be presented on the day 14 of September at 14 local time, or 3 am Brasília time .

(Image: Reproduction/Xiaomi)

The phrase gives indications that Xiaomi’s smartphone line aimed at young people should emphasize photography, with natural results and good dynamic range, something that the old Xiaomi Mi CC line had as a goal and was eventually abandoned by the brand.

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So far rumors have already pointed to that the CC series would be renamed and that it would arrive with fast loading up to 27W and a powerful main camera with resolution of 108 MP.

Xiaomi Civi box will be thinner and may not accommodate charger

An image shared by the user Clear-Aurora on Weibo now highlights the Xiaomi Civi case, which is much thinner than the traditional one, similar to that adopted by Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi in smartphones sold without chargers in the box, indicating that such accessory will be removed in the middle.

(Image: Reproduction/Clear-Au rora)

We don’t know if Xiaomi should continue to offer an option to include the charger in a separate box with no shipping costs and completely free of charge, but news should come soon.

There are indications that the first model in the Xiaomi Civi line may be no more than the already announced Xiaomi Lite 5G SE with spec tweaks, but no warranty yet such decision — although we know of the very high possibility given the brand’s history.

The Xiaomi Civi line announcement event is scheduled for the day 14 September and more news should be revealed by the date.

Source: Xiaomi and Clear- Aurora

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