Video shows what it was like to see Earth through SpaceX's transparent dome for the 1st time

Last week, SpaceX launched the Inspiration4 mission, the first with a fully civilian crew, to spend a few days in Earth orbit. They returned last Saturday () and recently one of the travelers posted a video that shows one of the most awaited moments of the mission: the first opening of the hatch that gives access to the transparent dome at the “top” of the spacecraft, providing a beautiful (and unprecedented) view of the Earth.

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Sian Proctor, professor of geoscience and science communication specialist, posted the video on her Twitter profile, showing the crew opening the hatch for the first time to observe the Earth through the installed glass dome in the Crew Dragon capsule. “A real highlight of the Inspiration4 mission”, commented Proctor, who also invited the public to check out the documentary series

Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission To Space, from Netflix, which portrays the mission.

The moment when me and my amazing crew, @rookisaacman, @ArceneauxHayley, @ChrisSembroski opened up the @SpaceX cupola for the first time, the true highlight of the @inspiration4x mission. Make sure you tune into Countdown on @netflix to see more epic moments from space! @TIME

— Dr. Sian “Leo” Proctor (@DrSianProctor) September 21 , 21

The video has sensational moments, like, for for example, when Hayley Arceneaux (an assistant doctor who survived childhood cancer) seemed to be speechless at the sight of our planet. The moment was also marked by the soundtrack chosen by the crew, who listened to Also sprach Zarathustra , music composed in 21 by composer and conductor Richard Strauss.

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SpaceX installed the glass dome, formed by a single piece, in place of the mechanism used to dock the capsule to the International Space Station (ISS). The orbital station also has a dome for astronauts to enjoy the privileged view, but this structure has some metallic components. So even though the Crew Dragon’s dome is smaller compared to the ISS’s, the crew was able to enjoy the view with nothing in the way to obstruct it — and, on top of that, even further away from Earth, as Inspiration4 was positioned at a higher altitude than the ISS.

Source: Futurism, NY Times

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