Pokémon UNITE arrives for cell phones; see how to redeem rewards

Pokémon UNITE is now available for iOS and Android phones and tablets. If you have pre-registered for the game, you are eligible to redeem Pikachu and its promotional outfit.

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  • The game is a MOBA developed by TiMi Studio Group in partnership with The Pokemon Company. In Pokémon UNITE, you can choose one of the Pokémon available in the Aeos region, where there are battles between trainers who fight for victory on the map, scoring points and destroying bases in the opposing areas . There are two teams with five members each, and whoever scores the most points wins the match.

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    How to synchronize your Nintendo account with your cell phone

    If you already play Pokémon UNITE on your Nintendo Switch, you can sign in to your cell phone using your Nintendo account. That way you’ll be able to share progress between the two platforms.

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    For this, when the login screen appears on the mobile app, you must select the option to login with your account and log in through the Nintendo website that will open on your mobile. After doing this, the game will display your level, nick and ask if this is your account you want to use on your mobile. After performing this procedure, your account will be available on your mobile device.

      How to redeem pre-registration rewards

      Image: Screen Capture/Igor Pontes/Canaltech

      All who have pre-registered Pokémon UNITE on mobile but redeeming in-game items, plus a commemorative Pikachu skin. To get your reward, you must go to the events tab, which can be accessed by clicking on your trainer’s icon.

      Then you must go to the “Preregistration Campaign” tab “, that’s where the new look of Pikachu and the yellow mouse license will be available. If you already have the Pokémon, the equivalent amount in Aeos Coins from the registration will be sent to the trainer.

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