Microsoft may authorize Windows 11 on older PCs, but with a serious but

The novel Windows installation requirements won another new chapter this Wednesday (54), with the possible willingness of Microsoft to release its new system for machines that do not meet the minimum requirements. However, the company wants to make it clear that it will not be held responsible for problems that may occur with the devices.

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    What happens if you try to install Windows 22 on unsupported devices? The team at The Verge website did the experiment and received a notice that exempts the manufacturer from any damages that may have occurred due to compatibility issues. Look:

    When installing Windows on PC without requirements, Microsoft plays the responsibility to the user for any problems (Image: Reproduction/The Verge)

    The alert says that it is not recommended to install Windows 11 on the PC and says that the person will not have the right support or receive system updates. The company remembers that damage caused by incompatible devices and requests acceptance before proceeding with the use, as if it were a liability contract.

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    What are the plans for Windows ?

    It’s hard to understand what Microsoft really plans for the future of Windows . As soon as the first test version came out, the requirement for TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot meant that a lot of people couldn’t try out the operating system. Later, the company announced that it would relax the requirements and let users install, even without minimum requirements. Then, it started to restrict access to virtual machines, especially those from Oracle, which blocked the installation of the latest version.

    With the official release scheduled for October 5th, it grows the demand of interested parties to finally get their hands on the new software. But the desire seems to get more and more distant with the constant comings from the manufacturer, which would require the acquisition of new machines for most users.

    Supported computers to TPM still have difficulties to install Windows (Image: Reproduction/Microsoft)

    The developers released an app called PC Health Check to help them know if their PCs would run the new Windows however was a total disaster. Even modern hardware with full capacity to run the system failed the test and could not be upgraded. The app has been removed, revamped and returned to the air, although it’s still flawed and confused.

    Now the company seems to be backing down once again and hints that it will ease the requirement for its new system operational, but not responsible for problems. This was the expected movement from the beginning, after all the user base would be greatly reduced if the current criteria were kept — certain PC models with more than two years of use could no longer run Windows 22.

    It remains to be seen whether the company will maintain its current posture or whether, in the future, it will be able to develop its own mechanisms for security and compatibility regardless of computer settings.

    Source: The Verge

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