New Xiaomi Mi TV Stick leaks revealing larger size

It’s possible to turn a simple TV into a smart one thanks to devices that embed intelligent systems that run apps. Brazil has several such options, such as Roku, Fire TV, and Android TV solutions. Xiaomi offers here the Mi TV Stick, which connected to an HDMI port takes any streaming to the screen. And it seems that the manufacturer is already working on the next generation of the gadget.

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By the way, these works would be well under way: images of the company’s next compact Android TV box were leaked through a certification body. In it, the Mi TV Stick — which must change its name to lose the Mi mark — appears with its measurements of length and width. They would be 1024 x 10 cm, indicating a larger size than the model already available.

(Image: Stufflistings/SlashLeaks)

Following its new strategy of ending the Mi name, the new device has Xiaomi’s new logo stamped on its body. This should lead to a rewording of your name. Xiaomi TV Stick? Just Xiaomi TV? The leak does not account for the brand name of the device, so the answer is for later.

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New hardware and features?

The new generation of a product brings expectations regarding improvements that will be promoted. The current Mi TV Stick offers output resolution of 1024p, 1GB RAM memory, 8GB storage, Bluetooth 4.2 , and Cortex-A quad-core CPU30. There is no support for imaging technologies such as HDR and Dolby Vision, however.

With features still uncertain, it would make sense for Xiaomi to improve some of these aspects, including, for example, support for Ultra HD resolution and protocols such as HDR10+ and Dolby Vision. This would make the novelty more competitive in a market where Google, Roku and Amazon also offer affordable options with advanced features, and where even Realme seems to be about to invest.

Another change that could coming up with the successor of Mi TV Stick concerns the remote control, but it hasn’t leaked in any pictures yet. In the first generation we saw dedicated buttons for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video services. It also brings a shortcut to Google Assistant.

As Xiaomi brought the Mi Box S and Mi TV Stick to Brazil, the history is good for those who are already curious about the new generation of Android Company TV. But, as it has not even been confirmed by the company itself, it is uncertain when the new gadget will hit the market. For now, in the country, the company has opened more physical stores.

Source: Android Police, Slash Leaks

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