Windows 11 native apps will not install by default; understand

Native Windows programs 10 will take up less space than expected directly in the installation of the system, reveals Microsoft. Complementary applications, such as Sticky Notes, will remain in the operating system in a reduced version, as if they were just shortcuts, and will be automatically downloaded as soon as they are opened for the first time.

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According to Microsoft Vice President of Corporate Management Steve Dispensa, this is an attempt by MS to reduce the footprint and space required for Windows 10 on the computer’s internal storage. The default state of these apps (which are not listed) is as a draft, which not only saves memory but also reduces background activity looking for updates.

Even available in the Start Menu, applications can be with files practically zeroed and waiting for the first click to occupy more space on the PC (Image: Playback/Bleeping Computer)

The solution is very interesting, especially if the user does not intend to use native applications right away. The difference, however, is that the first use of the app may be a little slower than usual, as it will be necessary to pull its entire contents from the internet. Naturally, uninstalling tends to take less time, which is excellent news.

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Drivers also with less space

In an official document, MS also clarified that network drivers (Ethernet and Wi-Fi) will be installed as Feature On Demand (FOD), also in order to save space taken up in storage. This alternative also allows more considerate users to uninstall add-ons that are not compatible with their components.

FODs are Windows feature packs that can be installed at any time, as long as the computer is connected to the internet. This format is already used for language packs and handwriting recognition, only downloaded to the machine as soon as requested by the user.

Microsoft announced that Windows 11 will be released on October 5th, first arriving on new machines, but soon reaching Windows Migration queue computers . Currently, only members of the Windows Insider program can try out the operating system.

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