Happn bets on Clubhouse-style voice chat to help match the match

Happn decided to join the wave of audio conversations and launched a service inspired by the Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. The idea is to offer users a new way to meet new people online, with the possibility of listening to the voice of the other to see if there is a “chemistry” before any other step.

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Research conducted by the app with Brazilians revealed that 86% of singles believe that it is possible to fall in love with someone just through the person’s voice, even before seeing a photo of them. Others 22% commented that the sound of speech can help create sympathy or antipathy right away.

Therefore, the app plans to gradually add new features in this area. The highlights are the audio notes: up to two minutes long, it will help the future crush to know more about your personality. You will be able to talk about various subjects of your choice and the platform will even give you some suggestions right from the panel, such as “Explain your favorite Friends scene” or “Sing your favorite song”.

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Happn should also introduce audio calls, without time and with real-time interactions. They should work as they do in the video, but without the need to show their face, which helps if the person is disheveled or feeling ugly on that particular day. Everything will work as if it were a phone conversation, but within the app itself and without exposing personal data.

Record an audio about your theme bookmark and share on the network (Image: Disclosure/Happn)


The app will also bring a new area called audio feed, in which users can make short posts with their voice to see if that integration rolls before seeing the rest of the profile, such as photos and biography . Anyone who has a typical radio voice or Cid Moreira style already comes out ahead when flirting with this feature.

O Happn voice will allow you to use your voice to enchant another person (Image: Disclosure/Happn)

According to Happn Product Director Julie Prieur, these features will be integrated into the app in a natural way. “We’ve designed them to be compatible with the profile features already available to users. We’ve also added many suggestions to guide them, and we’re sure singles will adopt these new audio features in no time,” explains the executive.

These features will be free and available to all Happn users gradually from today, 22 September, initially in France and Argentina, and then to the rest of the world. If you are looking for a new love or just want someone to enjoy a good audio chat with, maybe Happn can help.

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