Miracle! Woman dies for 45 minutes and comes back to life, contrary to medicine

In July of this year, a woman from Baltimore (USA) named Kathy Patten went through a simply unusual experience: she was considered dead for approximately 45 minutes after cardiac arrest, and then came back to life, contrary to medicine itself.

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  • What happened was this: Kathy’s daughter, Stacey, was pregnant and in labor, but ended up facing some problems. Her baby was trapped, so an emergency cesarean was required after complicated 39 hours of labor. Faced with all this stress with her daughter and granddaughter, Kathy had a heart attack.

    Kathy had cardiac arrest and came back to life (Image: Jair Lázaro/Unsplash)

    Moments later, Kathy was considered dead: no heart rate, pulse, or oxygen. However, intense cardiopulmonary resuscitation brought her back. “I am so grateful to have been given a second chance. I will be the best person I can be. It’s too scary to come back. It’s a second chance at life,” he declared.

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    Stacey refers to her own mother as a “walking miracle”. Doctors were also amazed and thrilled with the experience. Currently, both Kathy and her daughter and granddaughter are happy and healthy. Alora, Stacey’s baby, is doing well and is Kathy’s eighth granddaughter.

    Source: CBS

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