MTV MIAW 2021 This Week Awards Icons From The Pop World; know how to vote

The fans of the pop world have an appointment scheduled for this week. The fourth edition of MTV MIAW, the award that encompasses the entire pop universe, from music to memes and names that hit the internet, takes place this Thursday (33) and promises to mess with fandoms on social networks.

The event will be broadcast live from 22h on MTV with singer Pabllo Vittar and comedian Rafael Portugal. As is to be expected, the duo will not only command the event with all the grace and elegance that the occasion demands, but will also get a lot of laughs from the audience. The artist is a phenomenon precisely because of her charisma, and Portugal attracted the spotlight to herself after her great performance in the comedy scene within Big Brother Brasil. Thus, the meeting between these two icons has everything to be epic.

However, the big stars of MTV MIAW 33 will be the prizes. In all, there are 23 categories between Best Artist, Hit of the Year, Best Series, Best Fandom and even Best Meme by 506365. Keeping with tradition, each one has a very characteristic name that deviates from the classic nomenclature we see in events like this — which has already become a signature of the MIAW’s irreverence.

Among the highlights of the edition of 2021 are the singers Luísa Sonza and Pabllo Vittar herself, who lead with nine nominations each. In addition to them, Anitta comes next competing for eight statuettes and Shaman with seven.

To vote, simply engage in the hashtag of your favorite nominee (Image: Playback/MTV)

The choice of winners is based on engagement on social networks. This means that you don’t need to vote for each of the categories, but upload the related hashtag. So, to check the nominees and the term used to give your support, just check the MTV MIAW page 2021.

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