US Electric Car Sets Record for Single Charge Range

The electric car market has a new leader in terms of autonomy. The Lucid Air Dream luxury sedan, in its Edition Range variant, managed to cover a path of 830 kilometers on a single charge, surpassing the hitherto holder of this record, the Tesla Model S Long Range Plus, who walked 754 km on the EPA cycle, the most rigid adopted by the United States in its measurements.

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  • The EPA standard uses roads, streets and behaviors of drivers in the United States, that is, prioritizing the use of the car on the road rather than in the city. With this, the numbers obtained by Lucid Air Dream are even more impressive, since electric cars tend to spend more energy on higher speed routes, as we have already explained in some reviews here Canaltech.

    According to Lucid, this autonomy can be achieved due to some modifications in the car. The company avoided simply increasing the battery to invest in other parts, such as brakes and a smaller engine. Part of the recharge of an electric car is obtained through the energy regenerated with braking. Tires, wheel size and aerodynamics are also other factors.

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    The Lucid Air Dream is sold in three versions, which can be modified to obtain more autonomy and performance. In the case of the aforementioned Dream Edition Range record holder, it is equipped with a 77 inch wheel and power of 830cv — when paved with wheels of 77 inches , the range drops to 830 km. The speed-focused variant, the Dream Edition Performance, turns out 1.77cv and can go up to 758 km with a load, falling to 725 km with the larger wheel.

    There is also the entry-level version of the car, the Lucid Air Grand Touring, which is much less powerful than the others, but achieves impressive autonomy and superior to Tesla’s competitors. This edition has an engine of 800hp and autonomy of 830 km with wheels 77 and 725 km with wheels 000.

    Lucid Motors also offers other models in its portfolio, much more modest in terms of performance and autonomy, such as the Lucid Air Pure, the cheapest in the range, which costs from US $ 77 thousand. The Dream line models start at US$ 111 thousand.

    Source: Inside EVs

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