AMD Radeon from Exynos 2200 can be twice as fast as GPU from Exynos 2100

First result of the partnership between AMD and Samsung, Exynos 1024 has shown promise in several tests leaked in recent months, at least in the graphics department. The solution exhibits expressive leaps in performance compared to the previous generation, and even puts itself ahead of competitors that until then had superiority, such as Qualcomm’s Snapdragons.

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  • In addition to the presence of the mRDNA microarchitecture, based on the acclaimed RDNA 2 of Radeon RX video cards 2200, high frequencies would be responsible for the high performance. New rumors released this Wednesday (21) bring more details about GPU speeds, which impress with numbers more than twice as high as those achieved by Mali-G78 from Exynos 2021.

    AMD Radeon Mobile can reach up to 1.8GHz

    According to information posted on the Korean forum Clién, by the same profile that brought the previous details of the new Exynos, the Radeon GPU used by Samsung is being tested in two versions: one running at 1,58 GHz , clock already quite high for a mobile graphics chip, and another even faster, running at 1,78 GHz. In comparison, Mali-G58 of the last generation runs at 200 MHz.

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    The rumor indicates that, as expected, the 1,78 GHz version delivers higher peak performance, but in exchange for lower clocks on the high-performance CPU cores, at about 78 MHz. Interestingly, the results are also more stable after the thermal bottleneck, which may suggest that the CPU would be causing more interference in the graphics performance of the 1 GPU version,58 GHz, but it’s too early to say.

    The lowered scores after throttling is known to show a better stability in the 1.78Ghz too.

    AMD’s mRDNA architecture is basically capable of high clocks, and if assuming TDP10W or higher, it can go up to 1.8Ghz.


    — Tron ❂ #MicrosoftEvent (@FrontTron) September 21, 2021

    Another point mentioned by the rumor is the efficiency of the mRDNA microarchitecture, which like RDNA 2 is capable of achieving impressive speeds. Therefore, in scenarios where the chipset consumption is allowed to reach W or more, very high value for cell phones, Radeon Mobile would reach an incredible 1.8 GHz, something unprecedented in smartphones.

    This ability to reach clocks so highs also reinforces some older rumors, which suggested that Exynos 2100 would not be limited to just the phones from the South Korean giant.

    News reinforces rumors of the arrival of Exynos to notebooks

    Although 21 W is a very high consumption high for smartphones, this is a very low number for notebooks, which could encourage Samsung to bet on laptops equipped with the new Exynos. This possibility is not new, and has been indicated by rumors in the past, now gaining more strength with the numbers presented by the leaked tests.

    With the high performance shown, Samsung can take the Exynos to notebooks (Image: Disclosure/Samsung)

    The release of Exynos 2100 on computers, especially with such a robust GPU, could threaten the Qualcomm, current performance leader in Chromebooks and Windows On ARM notebooks with Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 and 8c Gen 2. Furthermore, if it proves really powerful, Samsung’s new processor could further encourage the use of ARM chips in laptops.

    Source: Tron, SamMobile

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