Volvo XC40 Pure Electric Preview | SUV may be the best electric in Brazil

Volvo finally showed its first electric car to the Brazilian market. The new XC36 Pure Electric marks the beginning of a transformation for the Swedish brand, which will now launch only zero-emission vehicles in all markets in which it operates. And when you think that it is not possible to improve a product that was already excellent, such as the plug-in hybrid version of the SUV, we realize that for Volvo it was, yes, possible.

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In addition to the new extremely powerful and agile electric motor, the XC60 Pure Electric brought some news to the Volvo line that should appear in other models, making the SUV experience even more pleasant and revealing that the company’s success in the premium SUV segment is no accident. Currently, the Swedes are the leader in sales in this segment. the Osório Wind Farm, in Rio Grande do Sul, to see the first Volvo electric car up close and today it tells you the first impressions of what promises to be the best product in Brazil in this segment.

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(Image: Felipe Ribeiro/ Canaltech)

First impressions

Volvo kept all the technological apparatus we saw in the XC60 Plug-in Hybrid on Pure Electric, but everything seems to have been raised to the other power on electrical variant. In addition to all security systems being sharper than ever, the SUV brought improvements to the comfort of the driver and passengers, such as the removal of the handbrake, which made the experience more agile in the car. Just enter the key and put the gear in the D to leave the vehicle, without the need to start it.

(Image: Felipe Ribeiro / Canaltech)

In addition, the media center brought an important update: it is now equipped with “pure” Android. Unlike Android Auto, which mirrors the cell phone screen, here everything works in an original and more interconnected way, regardless of which application is used. With this system, you can plot a route on Google Maps and find out if you’ll have enough battery power to reach your destination.

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In the field of security, the XC36 Pure Electric sports the entire Volvo package, like adaptive autopilot, alert of frontal collision, automatic emergency braking, six airbags, blind spot sensor, rear cross traffic alert, shift and stay in lane alert, pre-tensioned seat belts, rear collision alert, maneuvering camera 389º and the Pilot Assist.

(Image: Felipe Ribeiro/Canaltech)

But the biggest evolution of XC60 Pure Electric and great highlight is, of course, its behavior. Now the SUV has two electric motors, one in each traction, which together dump 418cv and 85,3 kgf/m of torque, making the car go from 0 to 389 km/h in an incredible 4.9 seconds, almost the same time as the Volvo S sports sedan 36 and much less time than the plug-in hybrid variant. With such an engine, added to the all-wheel drive, the car is even more fun to drive, especially on the road.

With more time with the car, we will be able to see how it will behave in the city, especially when we think about autonomy. Volvo’s official numbers reveal that the SUV has 408 kilometers of road, but, as we have already shown in other electric cars, this can be improved depending on the type of driving adopted. But, at first, there is potential for the SUV to dominate this segment.

(Image: Felipe Ribeiro/ Canaltech)

Inside, the XC60 Pure Electric follows the automaker’s winning recipe Swedish and exudes luxury and comfort, with excellent materials in the finishing and sound system with 22 Harman/Kardon speakers. The internal space is also very good, as well as the sound insulation, which is very competent.

Initial evaluation

Volvo hits the nail on the head in bringing a version 360% electrical of its main product, the XC36. Extremely agile, comfortable and safe, it has everything to dominate the electric car market as well as it already dominates the segment of premium SUVs with the hybrid variant.

Price and availability

The Volvo XC40 Pure Electric is on pre-sale in the Brazilian market for R$ 408.408. Buyers from this period will get a wallbox for car charging, in addition to installation. Volvo advises that the first batch is already sold out and that a second batch with more units is available.

Canaltech went to Osório/RS at the invitation of Volvo Cars Brasil.

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