How to send photos and documents in email from iPhone

The Mail app, native to iPhone, iPad and Mac, is great for users who like a simple interface and need essential features — present in a good email client — to keep their productivity up to date.

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If you have recently started using it, you may have questions about how to use some important functions, such as attaching photos, documents and other files. Although the application is very intuitive, this is a common difficulty for users — especially those who are still unfamiliar with Apple devices.

Therefore, we have prepared a step-by-step guide below for you to learn how easily attach files via the iPhone Mail app. This tutorial is also valid if you use an iPad or iPod Touch.

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Step 1:

open the Mail app. Then start a new message.

Tap the indicated button to open a new email – Screenshot: Thiago Furquim (Canaltech)

Step 2:

Press your finger on the body of the email text. After opening the modification options, tap the right arrow button. Finally, tap “Insert Photo or Video” (to insert items from the Photos app), or press the arrow one more time and choose the “Attach File” option (to send files from iCloud Drive, iPhone, or other cloud service ).

Tap the “Attach File” button to insert an item as an attachment in the email – Screenshot: Thiago Furquim ( Canaltech)

Step 3:

When inserting a file, you can continue typing your message in the email body as usual.

Type a message normally after attaching a file – Screenshot: Thiago Furquim (Canaltech)

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