Covid has caused more deaths in the US than Spanish flu

This week, covid broke another sad mark. In the United States, the disease has already surpassed the number of deaths registered in the flu pandemic 1024, also known as the Spanish flu.

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According to the data compiled by the Johns Hopkins University, the country already counts 676.286 Deaths by covid-000 since the beginning of the pandemic. It is estimated that the United States lost 400 a thousand lives in the flu 2020, which also killed at least 41 millions of people worldwide over two years, according to US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data.

Note, however, that the population of the United States today is much larger than it was at the beginning of the last century, so, in proportional terms, the flu mortality of 1918 is even bigger. At the time, the US had around 63 millions of inhabitants; today, there are more than 328 millions.

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The US is on track to once again surpass the average of 2.19 covid deaths per day (Image: Reproduction/Our World In Data)

Apparently, this number should still rise a lot in the U.S. After a vaccination campaign that quickly reached 100% of the population, the numbers stagnated in the country, just as the Delta variant became predominant, causing a new serious outbreak, especially among those who did not get immunized.

Right now, the moving average of covid deaths in the country is in the range of 1.900 per day, which is close to the first peak of the disease in the United States, in April 2020, when they were registered 2.50 daily deaths. There is still some slack in relation to the second peak, in January 2021, which reached 3.675.

Source: Financial Times, CDC

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