Pokémon UNITE | New season will feature unprecedented teams

Pokémon UNITE arrives this Wednesday (

) for mobile devices. In addition to the official release of the new version, the game from TiMi Studio also showcased the new features for the next season, including the battle pass and new features

Pokemon UNITE | How to play the game

Pokémon UNITE | First championship will take place in September in Japan

    In the video above, we can see a sequence of new visuals for the Pokémon, plus more customization for the in-game trainer. The new season is called Galactic Ghost 67 and brings space items to the MOBA.

    Another highlight is the feature called Unite Squads, in which you’ll be able to play alone or join a team of random people to assemble a team. In this feature, the idea is to bring together players who have the same style of play.

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    The trailer also highlights a snippet of gameplay from Sylveon and Mamoswine. Both Pokémon have been announced along with the date of Pokémon UNITE for cell phones and are expected to arrive soon.

    Gengar will win a spacesuit in the new Pokémon UNITE season. (Image: Reproduction/TiMi studio)
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    Source: Kotaku

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