haroon amiri afghanistan: we have gone 20 years back says haroon amiri

Talking to Afghan footballer Haroon Amiri on his old India number. And this is good news. He was part of the Afghanistan team in the World Cup qualifier against India in June. This defender has shifted to Canada with his close family two months ago. The rest of his family is still in India and is safe.

The Amiri had left Afghanistan before the Taliban took over. However, he believes that the wound of not being able to return to his country will take time to heal.

When Amiri went to Canada two months ago, he had no idea that things would turn so dramatic. He told our affiliate newspaper The Times of India, ‘I don’t know how things changed so quickly. I am shocked to see how all this happened. Amiri has played for football clubs in India like Mohun Bagan, Mumbai FC, Chennai FC and Rial Kashmir.

Amiri further said, ‘Thanks to the above that my family and I are safe. Half the people are in India and the rest are with me here in Canada.

Playing club football in India, Amiri, 31, lived in Pune, Mumbai, Chennai and several other cities in India. He says the Taliban occupation has pushed Afghanistan back several years. “When the Taliban first came, they caused so much destruction that it took 20 years to recover,” he said. Now the same thing is happening again, so it is very difficult to understand where and how we will fix it. We have gone back 20 years. Bad news is coming daily from Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the death of young footballer Zaki Anwari caused a lot of pain to Amiri.

He said, ‘To be honest, I didn’t know him personally but I had seen him play on a few occasions. I still can’t believe it. He was a very nice boy and his death is heartbreaking for everyone. Anwari died after falling from a US ship last week. He wanted to escape from the Talibani Raj.

Technically speaking, Amiri is still a part of the Afghanistan national football team. But his dream of getting to play for the country again seems impossible now. He said, ‘We do not know what will happen to our country, so in such a situation it is a bit early to talk about the country. I don’t know what the future of Afghan football will be. I pray that all this does not affect football. Although he is living and playing in Canada and India. Amiri has not given up her nationality yet.

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