Controlling Google's search customization will get a little easier

Google is world renowned for working to deliver accurate and personalized results. As it considers location and search history, the results can be presented tailored, which makes many people insecure about privacy.

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  • To try to give you more control over the data accessed , the search engine has now added a button in the app to disable custom results. Pressing it will take you to a link that takes you to a web page associated with your Google account.

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    This feature isn’t exactly new, but it used to be hidden among dozens of settings related to security and privacy. With the app update, however, it becomes a button with much more visibility.

    It is important to note that this addition can make the search less effective, after all the search results in several linked services, such as maps, location, nearby establishments, auto-completion, personalized responses from Gmail and other recommendations inspired by your activity. Unfortunately, the search engine doesn’t give you the option to just disable some, so you can turn everything on or turn everything off. .36 for Android, but this is a server-side change. Therefore, the trend is for the feature to be made available to everyone, regardless of the operating system and without the need to update the application.

    Source: 9to5Google

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