iOS 15.1 Beta arrives a day after iOS 15 with an old new twist

SharePlay is one of the most interesting features announced for iOS 15, but it did not land along with the system this Monday (15). Today, the tool returns to the testing period on iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1, for now only available to developers enrolled in the Apple Beta Software Program.

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  • After appearing on iOS Beta 2, SharePlay was disabled in August without notice, only with the announcement that the feature would be available at some point after the release of the final version of the OS. After that, only developers could access SharePlay, by connecting to a special profile, allowing them to assess the behavior of apps during video streams.

    SharePlay is an easy way to stream content to others in the same call, and also to enjoy time together with friends and family (Image: Playback/Apple)

    SharePlay is a FaceTime add-on that basically allows two or more people to follow the same content over a video call. Callers can follow lives, series, movies, listen to music and more in a fully synchronized way — and without a lot of work, as the feature is well integrated into the operating system.

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    In this new evaluation started today, it is no longer necessary to adopt the developer profile and, sooner or later, “ordinary” users who continue in the testing program will also have the opportunity to try the new thing with other members.

    As before, test update cycles must continue in parallel with the final release and new features (previously planned or not yet announced) must appear first in the test builds, accessible through the Apple Beta Software Program. Participation is free, but it’s good to be aware that updates to this channel may bring more bugs and errors than usual.

    Source: 9to5Mac

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